Joel and Joy

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How We Met

Joel and I first met at Wings restaurant on May 2015 where our friend Nii had gathered a few friends for dinner. There I sat beside him and thought he was good-looking, as a fact and nothing more, as I was not interested in relationships and was completely shut off to even thinking of being in one!

how they asked

Joel is my first serious relationship. Being in a relationship was a big surprise to my friends because I was the biggest advocate for following your goals and dreams and men are just plain distraction. I didn’t want to get married nor did I want a man. But at the back of my mind, I told God that if it was His plan to have me marry someone, the man I’m going to be with had to meet EVERYTHING in my checklist: number one, a God fearing man, someone who is patient, kind, loving, loyal, good habits ( he works out, eats healthy), he’s like a best friend. I thought to myself that I made a list of an imaginary man and I’m sure he doesn’t exist. But God had a different plan for me. God went over and beyond my checklist and added so many extras that I did not even think of!! So now let me walk you through the proposal.

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Joel and I were both at church that memorable Sunday afternoon. He said we were going somewhere. We drove about an hour into the location and it was POURING! Classic raincouver (Vancouver) proposal! He and I were making eye contact and giggling the entire car ride and I was getting really nervous. I felt like something was going to happen. He got out of his car and opened the door for me and I jokingly said “no”. By that time my nervousness kicked in even more and I was hysterically laughing and smiling with joy and nervousness.

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Joel then reached for my hand and got me up on the ledge. We were both nervous and so we hugged it out! He started his speech and I was jokingly saying “no” not because I didn’t want to agree but because of pure nervousness. Joel continued to profess his love, promises and what I was to him. I was filled with overflowing joy I wanted to explode! He then got down on one knee, and he asked the most awaited question… “Mahal, will you marry me?”. I immediately broke down and the nervousness and joy I was gathering, the persona of “I have my emotions under control” all burst and waterfalled!!

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I was crying and my chest felt like it wanted to burst!! No, I had no control over my emotions at all!! I stood in front of my future, my better half, my home and I took a deep breath and tried to bask in all of his love. I will never ever forget that euphoric feeling!!! I mumbled “Thank you Lord” and finally said “Yes baby, a million times yes baby!!” He placed the ring on my finger and with the blessing of God, in the form of the cool rain, we were both drenched and we sealed it all with a sweet kiss under the pouring rain!! It felt like we were in a romantic movie, just him and I and our fierce love for each other.

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