Joe and Lauren

How we met

Let’s take this back to January of 2014 for Lauren and I actually crossed paths before we even had the chance to meet. I was doing some shopping in our local mall when I spotted one of my friend’s girlfriend. I yelled out, waved, and said hello. Little did I know, she was walking with the girl who I’d ask to marry me just over three years later. So how did we actually get the chance to meet? Well this came a few weeks later when our friends arranged a night on the town and invited each of us to join them. Both of us are pretty shy but the second we had a chance to talk to each other, it was like we had known each other for years. I had finally found my best friend.

how they asked

Joe had planned a little weekend getaway into the city for our 3rd anniversary. I was a little suspicious of the whole thing because he wouldn’t tell me exactly what we were doing. I calmed myself down though as it’s just like him to be a bit mysterious in his plans. The morning of our proposal I’m sure he was extremely stressed. We went out to breakfast to a place with an hour long wait, and then he insisted I go shopping for a new dress to splurge for our anniversary celebration. He kept telling me that we had to be in the city at a certain time because we were getting drinks at once place and then had a dinner reservation 2 hours after that. I rushed to get ready not expecting what was about to happen, or not entirely.

A perfect day isn’t without its speed bumps. It’s Chicago so of course there is a ton of traffic going into the city on a Saturday and took us a bit longer than we expected. Not only was it the weekend, but it was a gorgeous warm day in April. Joe still wasn’t telling me where we were staying, or what we were necessarily doing that entire day. He had bought prepaid parking on an app and when we got to that garage it was entirely full. We ended up having to double parking along a wall. If Joe was completely stressed out at this point, he sure didn’t show it.

We walked out of the garage and into the hotel where he booked a room. It was absolutely gorgeous. He still seemed very calm throughout getting the room key and taking the elevator. We walked down to the room all the way at the far end of the hallway. Here it is, Room 1607, The Gwen Lux Suite… wait, suite? I didn’t know he could be so sneaky.. “What did you do?” I asked in a nervous voice.

As soon as he opened the door, there were roses leading me from the doorway out onto this massively gorgeous balcony. He told me to follow the path and as I got outside I saw “Will You Marry Me?” spelled out in skeleton keys on the table with roses beside it. I had no clue it would be this amazing, or that he would be so creative and use my obsession with keys to propose. Not only was I about to get engaged to the man of my dreams, but I was on this balcony with the most breathtaking view of the city.

After the proposal, Joe had one last surprise up his sleeve. He said he had dinner reservations at this cute Italian restaurant. To my surprise when we arrived he said, “Reservations for Joe, party of 6”. I went to the table and found both of our parents sitting at the table. Being able to celebrate with our families capped off a truly amazing day!

Special Thanks

Eiza Photography