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How We Met

Joe and I met in high school. We both were in band, shared groups of friends, but never officially met until the summer before my junior year of high school. It was love at first sight. We met on May 30th at a mutual friends graduation party and were introduced by our mutual friend Darius. We couldn’t stop talking to each other the whole night. No one could take our attention off of each other. We stayed up talking on Facebook after the party until we heard the birds singing outside. Joe and I just couldn’t get enough of one another. Even though he only met me days before, Joe made sure to get invited to my 16th surprise birthday party on June 4th. From then on, we spent as much time together as possible. Joe finally asked me to be his girlfriend on July 11th.

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how they asked

Seven years later, the day before my birthday I was given a letter right when I woke up. It was from Joe and it said I couldn’t talk to him for the whole day. I needed to follow the instructions in the letters given to me throughout the day and that I would see him later. My first adventure was to the spa for a manicure and a mimosa. Once there, I received another letter. This one told me to go home and meet up with my best friend Suzy before we went to the mall to pick out the perfect outfit for the night. Suzy and I had a great time at the mall. I found my outfit and we even got our hair done for free since it was almost my birthday! As we were shopping, Suzy began to joke about me getting engaged. From that point on, I believed Joe was doing all of this for my birthday. Suzy wouldn’t joke like that if it was actually happening. So, we went back to my house where I received another letter. This one told me to get ready for an overnight trip.

I had to pack up my things and get dressed for our dinner together. I couldn’t decide on what to pack since I had no idea where I was going! It was getting close to the time I was getting picked up when there was a knock on the front door. It was our mutual friend Darius dressed up in a suit. He was my driver for the evening and was taking me to dinner. Once in the car, Darius handed me another letter. I was finally going to see Joe! I was so excited to tell him all about my day! I had no idea where we were going until we turned in. Joe and I had been the the Hyatt Lodge for our anniversary one year for dinner and I recognized the place.

Darius stopped the car, opened the door for me and pointed to a rose petal path. We began to walk down together towards a lake when he stopped me. He took my purse and told me that Joe was just around the corner. I continued to walk the rose petal path and there was Joe, surrounded by roses with “From the Ground Up” playing in the background. He had one last letter for me. He talked about how we met, all of our ups and downs, and our long distance relationship. Our relationship had grown so strong and he said he couldn’t imagine not having me by his side. He told me how much he loved me then got down on one knee.

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He then asked me if I would marry him and of course I said YES!!

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Darius was able to capture the moment for us with video and pictures. Now, the proposal story doesn’t stop here. It gets even better and I had no idea! We went into the hotel where Joe had reserved the nicest room in the place for us. We had dinner in the room with butler service. We talked about how long he was planning this, who he told, and what they said. We had a great dinner full of fun conversations about our future together. We decided to go take pictures at sunset in front of the lake. As I walked down and into the bar area of the hotel familiar faces surrounded me.

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Joe had all of our closest friends and family gather in the bar area for what they all thought was a surprise 23rd birthday party!

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To my surprise and to theirs, it was to celebrate our engagement! We partied the night away in the bar area and in our huge hotel room. Yet another surprise was given when we went to go to bed. On the bed was a notebook filled with entries to me from the year before when he was planning the proposal. A full year of preparation and thoughts about how much he loves me are within this notebook. I am still reading the entries :)

Joe knew I wanted the proposal to be an intimidate, private moment between us two, but that I would want to tell my family as soon as possible. This way he accomplished both! He also gave me a day I will never forget and a notebook to remind me just how much he loves me.

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It was the perfect day, the perfect proposal, and I have the perfect partner to share the rest of my life with.

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