Joe and Julia

How We Met

I didn’t believe in “love at first sight” until I met Joe. I will never forget the day I laid my eyes on him – At the time, I was a new employee working the front desk at the salon where Joe got his haircut. I was so incredibly nervous cashing him out after his haircut that I couldn’t find words to speak to Joe. Luckily, right before he left the salon, he asked me “what my name was” and I remember telling my girlfriend “watch me marry this guy.” Fast forward two years later and we are just shy of three months from our wedding day.

how they asked

I was just finishing up my last year at BGSU when Joe decided to book a trip to St. John USVI as my “graduation gift.” Throughout the first year that Joe and I dated, he always went above and beyond to surprise me with gifts, trips or flowers “just because,” so although I was taken back when he told me booked a trip for my graduation gift, I wasn’t all that surprised.

That’s just Joe and his genuine soul for you! Fast forward to the night of the proposal – Joe waited until the forth night to propose. Looking back, I should have known that something was fishy with him –  he was being extra particular about being on time to a dinner reservation he booked for us, and he told me to change the black dress I was wearing to a white dress I had packed.

I’m not going to lie, as we were leaving the villa to head to dinner, I snuck a peek at Joe’s pants pocket to look for a ring box, but I found nothing and went on with my night. Ten minutes into the drive, Joe pulls up and parks at the marina where he shouts “surprise!” I was astonished and thrilled to learn that Joe had booked a sunset sail.

Again, something like this wasn’t out of the blue for Joe to do.  As we were stepping onto the sailboat, we were greeted by the captain and was told to sit in the front where we would be served with appetizers and champagne. About 45 minutes into the sail, Joe took the glass out of my hand, set it down to my side, got on one knee and pulled out a jewelry pouch from his pocket. It was all such a blur. All I remember saying to him while balling my eyes out was “what are you doing, oh my god what are you doing?!”

Joe pulled out a gorgeous oval shaped diamond out of the pouch and asked me to marry him. I wish I could remember everything else he told me before he popped the question, but I was too busy crying tears of joy.

Fortunately, Joe was smart enough to hire the talented photographer, Savanah Loftus, to capture the special moment for us. To say I am the luckiest woman in the world is an understatement. I can’t wait to be Joe’s wife and to do life together. After all, I did call it ;)

Special Thanks

Savanah Loftus
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