Jessica and Joe's Proposal in Washington Square Park

Image 1 of Jessica and Joe's Proposal in Washington Square ParkHow we met: Joe and I met years ago when he, to be frank, crashed my 22nd birthday party. Okay, so technically he didn’t crash it, but he showed up with his friend Mike, who was good high school friends with my best friend Maddie, and that is how the introduction happened. I had just moved to New York City and was obviously having the time of my life, so meeting new people every day was all part of the excitement. Maddie and I would go out five nights a week and every now and again would end up hanging out with Joe, Mike and the rest of their crowd (all very tall and handsome ex-college football players, I might add). It didn’t happen right away, but the flirting led to texting, which led to hanging out with eventually ended up as a full-fledged relationship which will turn into a marriage come fall. I guess I could have just said we met through a friend of a friend but that would be boring, right?

how they asked: Let me preface this story by answering the number one question people ask when one gets engaged: of COURSE I knew this was coming! We are adults, we’ve been dating for years and it was a life-changing event that we discussed. I was pretty convinced I had his timing down too but he ended up totally surprising me.

It was a typical Friday afternoon at work and the agency was gearing up for Fashion Week (disclaimer: I’m a fashion publicist). My boss Lindsey wanted to grab drinks and it had been a LONG week, so naturally I was in. Joe was skiing in Jackson Hole for the weekend and I had my friend (Maddie!) coming to town so it was looking like a good old-fashioned girls’ weekend. Work was insane that day so I tried to cancel drinks with Lindsey- she wouldn’t have it. We were getting a glass (and by glass I mean bottle) of wine and that was that.

We jumped into a car and headed towards a cozy restaurant by Washington Square Park. We passed the restaurant and the driver kept going, which was strange, but not the weirdest thing that could happen. We stopped at the park and she suggested we go in. I was totally blinded by the sunlight- it was 4pm and there was fresh snow everywhere. She guided me to the right and out of the sunlight comes Joe with a bouquet of red tulips. I was so surprised to see him (thought he was skiing, remember?) and you could see it all over my face.

“Not skiing?” I said to Joe, who shook his head.

“No wine?” I said to Lindsey, who smiled and walked away.

Joe took me aside and got down on one knee.

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There was a woman taking photos who I assumed was a tourist, but Joe had scheduled her to come to capture it and I’m so glad he did.

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He planned a special dinner at Gramercy Tavern and then our friends were waiting at a wine bar to celebrate. I’m a lucky gal- Joe is smart and generous and he keeps me on my toes. I look forward to many more diamonds from him down the road (kidding, kind of).

So to summarize, it started with a friend of a friend’s friend and as they say, the rest is history.

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