Joe and Jan

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How We Met

Joe and I were “college” sweethearts. We met January 2008 during rehearsals for a Filipino cultural event. Joe did not start to notice me until May after a party. After that night he would always send me text messages asking if I wanted to grab ice cream with him. We never went. However, Joe was very persistent. He texted and texted and I finally said OK. He’s been my ice cream date ever since then.

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how they asked

Every year Joe and I celebrate our anniversary at Maggiano’s. This year marked our 8th anniversary and without question, we had plans to keep up with our tradition. After a long day at work, Joe picked me up and we headed to Maggiano’s. I was so hungry! The bread came and I was a happy girl. For me, that night was just our traditional anniversary dinner, little did I know, my boyfriend (now fiancé!) had other plans.

After dinner, dessert, and great conversation about the last 8 years spent together, Joe left to use the restroom. I thought nothing of it, a normal action after dinner, right? After 10 or so minutes, I started getting impatient. What was taking so long?

Later, one of the managers of the restaurant came to my table and asked “Are you with the guy wearing blue?” After looking at him confused and confirmed that he was my boyfriend, he told me “We need you to come with us. He slipped and fell in the back.” I was the perfect blend of confusion and embarrassment. I did not believe him for one second!

While walking through the restaurant my stomach was in knots. I thought, “What is happening? Is this happening? Is this REALLY happening? Did he really fall?!” The manager took me to one of banquet rooms. The door opened and my eyes were immediately filled with tears. Joe was standing in the middle of a room filled with pictures of the memories we’ve shared together for the last 8 years.

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I will never forget the feeling I felt as the doors opened to the beginning of our forever.
Joe walked me around each table, talked about our memories, and pointed out his favorite pictures. The decorations, the lights, the pictures and his words were beautiful. I have never been so touched. By the time we reached the center of the room, I was lost for words and just about ready to faint.

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After a few more words, Joe said he didn’t want to ask me to marry him, but to grow up with him. He got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” (Didn’t he say he didn’t want to ask me that? He was very nervous!)

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Of course I said “YES,” but Joe being Joe said “Really?” And placed “this bad boy” ring onto my finger. The ring was stunning and fit perfectly. I tried to hold in my tears but I finally let them all out (as you can tell in the video). Before I knew it, the doors opened again and our families walked into the room, even my little brother who’s in the military was on FaceTime! The happy tears kept flowing as our families joined us. Joe knows how I feel about family. It meant so much to me knowing we shared this moment all together.

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It’s been 8 years. Joe finally did it! I never knew when or how Joe would propose. I never even knew how to picture an engagement ring. But! I always knew that it was never a matter of “if,” but a matter of “when” for Joe and me. Everything was perfect. I honestly thought this was a just a night dedicated to celebrate the last 8 years together. Little did I know I would end up saying “yes” to our forever!

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