Joe and Geri Sue

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How We Met

In 2012 Geri Sue took a job at El Rancho Cima Boy Scout Camp, while there she met a fellow staff member, Razz (Joe). Razz was loud, funny, and quickly became Geri’s best friend at camp. The two became inseparable, always finding adventures to go on during the summer! After camp concluded, the two decided give their friendship a chance to grow into a romantic relationship. It didn’t take long for them to commit to a long distance relationship; Joe was at Texas A&M at Galveston and Geri Sue landed at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. Distance was tough, but the two made it work though college with dozens of football games, hundreds of miles driven, and countless hours of phone calls. When he felt the calling, Geri fully supported Joe in his officer commission with the United States Coast Guard. After her time at A&M-Corpus Christi was finished, Geri Sue joined Joe in Houma, LA where he was stationed, and started to settle into life in the same place, which was very new for them both–they had never lived closer than a 4 hour drive from one other!

how they asked

When it was announced in spring of 2017 that El Rancho Cima Scout Camp (the very place that brought the pair together) was to be sold and the 2017 Summer camp would be the last, the pair knew one of them had to be on staff. Since Geri’s job was more than accommodating, she took on the task of serving one final summer at Scout camp. While there it became evident that Joe would not be able to come out and say goodbye to the place that meant so much to them. So imagine Geri Sue’s surprise when Joe (aided by Angie and Jared Miller) showed up at camp July 8th! The couple took the Millers on a full tour of the camp, ending with a 15 minute climb up the camps crown jewel, Sentinel Peak. At the top of this mesa there is a lone oak tree, under that tree Joe suggested Geri Sue find a rock to bring home, once she found a rock she turned around to Joe kneeling, he suggested “I’ll trade you” and presented Geri Sue with a ring and asked her to be his best friend and wife, she excitedly accepted! El Rancho Cima will never truly be gone, it lives forever in their love story; this is the place where they met, fell in love, and made the biggest decision of their lives—to be united forever in love.

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