Joe and Gabriella

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How We Met

Joe and I went to Architecture School together. We were in the same year but we didn’t get to meet each other until end of our second year. It was one day that he walked by my desk and I thought “where this guy came from.” Around Halloween time, I got invited to a party bus in NYC which I really had not interested on going, but then I heard Joe was going to be there, so I changed my mind because I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk to him. The day of the party, my friends and I headed to NYC, I was very excited to see him. As soon as we get there, Joe was already there but let’s say he had a little too much of the fireball on the train ride lol. He was with his best friend, and all I heard was “I am taking Joe back home ” even BEFORE the party bus started. I got a little upset because he was the reason why I went in the first place and now he was heading back home.

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I thought this was not meant to be. I still went inside the bus and 5 min after I see Joe getting in the bus too so I was very happy even though he was really drunk. I started to talk to his friend while Joe was knocked out I told his friend that I really liked Joe and wanted to get to know him, we made a stop at 7 eleven to get some beers and going back to the bus, his friend said “sit next to Joe” I sat next to him and he put his head on my lap. Everyone in the bus was having a blast but I was just trying to take care of Joe. His friend and I were sitting in the back talking and drinking, next thing you know I had a little too much of the beer, then suddenly Joe wakes up looking all confused, I said to him “Dani and I were taking care of you” he said “hmmm thank you” I smiled and got up to go to my friends. After a little while, the roles were reversed. It was Joe taking care of Gabby lol we starting talking and the more I got to know him the more I liked him. It was definitely an experienced that we will never forget lol after that day, we started talking more and more at the school and going on dates until March 3rd 2013 when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

For our 4th year anniversary, Joe has planned this trip to the Niagara Falls in Canada. Everyone I told that he was taking me there, they kept asking me “do you think he is going to proposed?” At this point I did not know if he was going to because months before this trip we went to Vegas and we took a helicopter and overview the whole Grand Canyon, all my friends thought he was going to proposed then. So they day of our anniversary we left for our trip, we get to the hotel, and the room had the most beautiful fallsview.

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At night we got ready to go out to eat to the hotel restaurant. Everything was going perfect. I just thought this was another anniversary celebration. We went back up to the room and we sat looking at the beautiful fallsview (earlier that day it snowed so the falls with the snow on the ground was just magic). Suddenly, our song started playing and at the end of it, Joe went down his knee and took out of his pocket the ring box. In that moment, I went through all the emotions a person could have. I was shaking, happy crying, nervous, excited all these emotions at the same time.

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He put the ring on my finger and i went down my knees too to hug him. I always wanted a proposal were it was only the two of us, nobody else. A moment that only him and I can remember forever. The next day we went to take some pictures by the falls and we put our lock in the lock bridge with our anniversary/engagement date. The official engaged picture has not been posted and we will reveal it at our engagement party september :) #archlove #partybusmess #meettheloquercios

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