Joe and Erika

Joe O and Erika's Engagement in Naples, Florida

How We Met

Joe: So about ten years ago I was Erika’s little sister’s piano teacher. While I got to know Erika’s mom and sister well, I never had the chance to meet Erika (yet). During this time I met Erika’s aunt Gabby and we became good friends, but we eventually fell out of touch as friends sometimes do. Fast forward ten years later…

Erika: I was showing Gabby the Instagram page of the salon I go to when Gabby spotted Joe Hill’s photo. I thought to myself “This guy is so hot!” so I added him.

Joe: When she added me, I thought she was a fake account. No one this gorgeous ever adds me! She turned out to be very real and we started talking. After a couple of weeks, she told me to ask her out!

Erika: We’d been talking about for a week and I was getting impatient! I had to see this guy in person. So I just told him to ask me out.

Joe: After our first date, we were basically inseparable. We’ve just about spent every day of our lives together since and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How They Asked

Joe is a musician and composer so in the early days of our relationship we shared music together and bonded through that. About a month in, he showed me this beautiful piece of music he had written about me. It was so beautiful and it made me cry every time he played it. Joe works in PR and Marketing and told me that he needed my help for a promo video he was shooting for work. I almost didn’t make it! My car was in the shop, then the loaner that I got broke down… it was a mess.

Once I walked inside, in the spot where we had our first kiss, there was a chair facing my future husband and a small string section. In the middle of performing his music, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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