Joe and Deanna's Seattle Proposal

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How we met: I was friends with Deanna’s cousin through out high school, so I already knew about her but never actually met her. When I was 17 I decided to start working out and going to the gym regularly, she happened to make the same decision at the same gym. That’s when my life changed. I said hi to her cousin (the one I knew very well) and then I saw her at the gym, absolutely stunned by her beauty. I was too scared to start talking to her but I managed to say Hi and introduce myself. I was able to get her phone number, and the next day we went long boarding with her cousin and her boyfriend. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get closer to her and get to know her. I told her to hold on to my hand so I could pull her, but I needed an excuse to hold her hand. We boarded down a trail for a couple hours and talked the entire time, we clicked right away. After a couple days we went on our first date on a ferris wheel in Seattle.

how they asked: It was our two-year anniversary, and I told her we would be spending the day together. I showed up to her house in the morning and surprised her with her favorite flowers. We made plans to go fishing with her dad at Shadow lake. So we took the boat out and started the day off. She happened to catch the first fish, and essentially she was the only one to catch any fish that day. So after a couple hours of that we had to get ready for our dinner reservation at the melting pot. I told her the reservation was a 6:00, but really it was at 7:00. My two buddies that were capturing the moment on camera left an hour earlier to setup. It was 5:00 and she just started getting ready, I had to act a little rushed because our reservation was at 6:00. We showed up to Seattle around 5:55, and at the last second I told her that one of my contractor buddies told me check out some new houses being built (I’m a civil engineering major), this really put her in a bad mood because we would be late to our reservation and she was “Starving” according to her.

Once we got to the park she was reluctant to get out of the car but I convinced her, and I slipped the ring in my pocket of my jacket.

We stood and looked at the city for a little bit then I gave the signal for them to run out and start taking pictures.

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Then I did the move for her to turn around and then I got down on one knee, and told her to turn back around.

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She did, and I have never seen her this happy in my life. She came up, I lifted her, and she cried into my shoulders for a couple minutes, then I looked into her eyes and slid the ring on her finger.

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