Danielle and Joe

How We Met

Joe and I met on bumble in April this year! We went on a few dates – and really by the second date, we knew that we were meant to be. The months passed and we talked of getting engaged and married. Soon it was August and we had planned a trip to Charleston.

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How They Asked

My grandparents met and married there and I just love the architecture and history of the city. Joe’s parents have a house there so it’s a really special place for both of us.

Every evening of our vacation Joe surprised me with a different picture of us along with a sweet note. Three days into our vacation, Joe wanted to take me to the Angel Oak tree. It’s this 400-year-old tree that’s been through wars, hurricanes and so much more…..

Danielle's Proposal in Charleston SC

As I was looking at the tree studying its old branches – joe said he had something for me. He pulled out an envelope that contained a picture. The picture was a photoshopped pic of me and him ( down on one knee) in front of the angel oak tree.

He asked me “does this look familiar?” I said yes – (not how he imagined me answering that question but of course it looked somewhat familiar – it was a photoshopped picture of me!) anyway I quickly said except you’re down on one knee….

Then he said, “Danielle you’re my perfect angel from heaven and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”

Looking back he says I didn’t even give him a chance to get down on one knee before I screamed “YES!!”

He had a photographer hiding in the bushes to capture the moment. This Angel Oaktree has seen wars, hurricanes, and now my engagement to the man of my dreams!

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