Jodri and Chris

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Maui, HI

How We Met

We met freshman year of high school but we didn’t quite hit it off right away since we didn’t really hang with the same crowd. But in Junior year we both got assigned to an art class where we only knew a few other people and with some slight hesitation on my end we finally started to get to know each other. Our first date was to go watch Shrek 2.

how they asked

We first went to Maui in 2014 to visit a long time friend Caitlin who just moved to the island where she spent the week showing us around to all of her favorite places. This sparked our mutual love for the Hawaiian islands and we returned to the islands at least once a year after that. Fast forward four years later, we get invited to Caitlin and Mikey’s wedding on Maui. Now we have the chance to bring another long time friend Judy and her husband Richard to show them all of our favorite places on the island.

If I could think of the most perfect day of a vacation. Our last day in Maui was it. Most people like to do the Road to Hana in one day. We like to spread it out over two days and stay overnight in Hana. We woke up early that morning to hang out on the most beautiful and secluded red sand beach. We do some light hiking and stop a couple more times on our way back to the west side of the island. It seemed like everywhere we stopped, we pretty much had it to our selves.

We make it back to our airbnb on the west side of the island and start to get ready because on our last night we were planning to watch the sunset at Haleakala crater. It’s an hour and a half drive to the top of the crater and the entire drive up, there is a full rainbow over the mountain. I’m always amazed at Hawaii’s beauty, but at that moment I could not help but think is this for real? We arrive at the top of the summit and grab the last available parking space. Immediately upon parking, Richard just leaves us and we cannot find him. The top is crowded and he is looking for the perfect spot for us to watch the sunset. Finally he finds a spot way past the crowd of tourists and we finally get to take in just how beautiful the sunset is up there. We take photos of Richard and Judy and then it is our turn to take photos. As we’re holding each other because the temperatures on top are near freezing, Chris starts to ask me if I know why Haleakala is his favorite place on the island? I ask him why? He tells me that four years ago, when Caitlin took us to Haleakala, he knew that was the place he was going to ask me to marry him. And then he gets down on one knee.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Maui, HI

Did I mention that Richard and Judy are wedding photographers and videographers and were able to capture our moment. As if that wasn’t already the most perfect proposal, Chris pulls out a video of all our family and best friends at home singing and dancing along to Marry You. I already lost it as soon as Chris started asking me if I knew why Haleakala was his favorite place, but I started to ugly cry each time one of our loved ones popped up in our video.

I couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect proposal.

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