Jodie and Todd

Image 1 of Jodie and ToddHow we met: Todd and I unintentionally met through mutual friends. A group of my friends and I went to a local bar/restaurant for dinner and the place was packed. It is a seat yourself place so as we walked around my friend saw one of her friends at a table with his friends. They were about to leave and they allowed us to take their table. Some of the group had already left so I sat down next to todd. We started talking and as his friends left, Todd stayed behind to meet me and get to know me. I believe it was fate…. I think about what if I did not go to the restaurant that night, or if I did not sit next to Todd. Everything would have been different.

how they asked: Todd and I recently moved from Tampa, FL to Indianapolis, IN in April of 2014. Todd moved up first and then I moved up a few weeks later. During that time that we were apart, he bought the ring. Todd and I had been dating for 4 years so when we moved my family and I both started pressuring him to propose. Todd planned the proposal the day before Thanksgiving because he knew that weekend we would be able to see all of our friends and family. So for 8 months Todd played it off like he had no interest in proposing. Little did I know… EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT THE UPCOMING PROPOSAL BUT ME! And surprisingly, no one spilled the beans.

I am a wedding planner and had a wedding in November in Florida so I flew down earlier than Todd did. Every year we did our Christmas photos and worked with my friend, Val, who is a wedding photographer to do the shoot. Todd had gathered our friends and his niece to pull everything off. We planned on doing our Christmas card photos on the beach at the Sand Pearl Resort on Clearwater Beach.

The morning of the shoot, Todd called my parents and asked for their permission. My mom’s response was of course, “It is about time!” We started our shoot inside the hotel and then moved out onto the beach just before sunset. We walked along the beach and then we came across a “Will You Marry Me?” sign in the sand. This was not the first time we saw one of these signs (people get engaged on the beach all the time). I saw the sign and said, “Awww someone got engaged! We missed it!” I honestly did not think it was from Todd. The photographer then asked us to pose because the lighting was really good. I started posing and had no idea what Todd was doing behind me. I turned around to find Todd on one knee with the ring. I immediately started crying.

Image 5 of Jodie and Todd

Image 2 of Jodie and Todd

Image 6 of Jodie and Todd

After I said “yes” we hear an eruption of screams from the condos attached to the resort. One of our friends owns a condo overlooking the beach and up on the balcony was all our friends watching. It was so amazing and felt like a dream.

Image 3 of Jodie and Todd

I can’t believe I had no idea it was coming. In fact, I am always wondering “when is he going to ask? Could it be today”. But Todd seemed so unorganized during our Shoot that I immediately ruled out the chances of it happening that day. Boy was I wrong!

Image 4 of Jodie and Todd
I am one of those girls that had a proposal checklist. 1. make sure my nails are done. 2. Get it on camera. 3. Make sure our friends are there. 4. Ask my parents. Todd checked everything off my list! I am truly marrying my best friend and prince charming.

Photos by VR Vision Photography