Jodie and Riaan

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How We Met

We lived and worked in different town’s but happened to attend the same training course in Sydney that the company we worked for was holding.

how they asked

Riaan and I were visiting South Africa (where he was born) for the first time together so he could catch up with family and friends and of course for me to meet them! During the 2nd week of our stay we flew from Durban to Cape Town where Riaan had arranged for us to spend 2 nights at the Aquila Private Game Reserve. We spent the first afternoon and morning exploring the reserve and seeing gorgeous african animals on 2 different safari’s. I was already in awe of the beauty of the place. That afternoon we were due to attend our last safari before we left the following morning. We were waiting with the other guests but when we went to leave we set out in a safari truck just the two of us and our guide, Ronaldo. It was beautiful and Ronaldo had so much knowledge of the area and animals, straight away we came across 2 beautiful big elephants, adult and baby Rhinos, springboks, lions, giraffes and zebras. About one and a half hours into our safari we were nearing an empty safari truck up ahead with just it’s driver, Beki standing beside it (he did so many amazing things for us during our stay and Riaan arranging the proposal) when we drove around the corner I saw Beki had set up a table laid with a white table cloth, fresh fruit, platter and champayne. Riaan turned to me and said “I’ve got another little surprise for you” and our guide Ronaldo said we were stopping for refreshments and to take our time. Riaan walked me towards the table and Beki asked if we would like some champayne pouring us both a glass and then he took some photos of us amongst the scenery. While standing there admiring the beautiful scenery and animals surrounding us, Riaan was cuddling me from behind telling me how much he loved me when he said “I have one more surprise for you” pulling a little red box from his pocket. As i turned round he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course in a pile of happy tears said YES!!

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Special Thanks

Beki, Ronaldo, Vino
 | Aquila Private Game Reserve