Jodie and Nick

Image 1 of Jodie and Nick

How We Met

On a hot, summer day in August 2011, I was in need of a date to World’s of Fun. I had my choice of six guys, ordering them 1-6 of who I wanted to go with me that evening. Nick ended up being 6 out of 6 (horrible profile pic on Facebook, sorry babe). For some reason, the first five guys couldn’t make it and lucky Nick said yes to coming! After a fun evening, he still hadn’t asked for my number so, being the independent woman I am, I asked for his. When I texted him the next day, I got a text back reading “This number is not in service” and I promptly had my friend reach out and ask why the heck he gave me the wrong number. Nick immediately responded saying he didn’t mean to (yeah, yeah) and to give me the correct number. A month later on September 16, 2011, Nick asked me to be his girlfriend. A little over six and a half years later, I’m overjoyed to say I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart!

how they asked

Graduation weekend was the craziest, most amazing weekend of my life thus far. My graduation ceremony was Friday evening and Saturday morning began the best day of my life, though I didn’t know it and it definitely didn’t start out the way I thought the day would. It started with me waking up at 6am and sitting through a two hour long graduation ceremony for Nick with no A/C as well as spending another half hour in the engineering building (also no A/C) while Nick showed off the robot he built. Nick then suggests we walk home from the engineering building back to his house, which was a 30 minute walk. After sweating for approximately 3.5 hours straight, it should not come as a surprise that I promptly said NO to walking 30 minutes in the heat in wedges! Nick then said he was getting sentimental and he wanted to take the long walk home one more time to which I again said no. Then he sassily responded, fine I guess we can drive! To which I sassily responded, fine we can walk if you want to walk that bad! After our little squabble, we began the walk home.

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Once on Jayhawk Boulevard, I suggested we stop by the Campanile (which turns out was his plan all along) since we both had officially graduated and could get a cute picture in front of it since we wouldn’t be walking down the hill together the next day. We get to the Campanile and I’m about to grab a random person to take our picture when Nick’s friend, Coleman, pops out from a bush. Nick says, “Oh Coleman, can you take a picture for us?” and so we get in position in front of the Campanile for the picture. I’m smiling away at Coleman when Nick starts talking in my ear about how much he loves me, etc. and I’m like yeah, babe I love you too but smile for the picture. Nick then turns me towards him, gets down on one knee, and asks me to marry him! I immediately say YES and start hugging him.

Image 3 of Jodie and Nick

After soaking in the moment, we took some pictures with Coleman and headed back to Nick’s house where our parents and his sister were waiting with champagne! Later that evening, we went to dinner at the best sushi place in Lawrence, ran some errands and headed back to his house to scare up some plans for the evening. When we arrived home, Nick had recruited some friends to plan a surprise engagement party with all our friends!

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I couldn’t have planned it any better. God truly knew what He was doing when He created Nick. He is the most amazing man and he knows me better than anyone else. I cannot wait for our future together!

Special Thanks

Coleman Howard
 | Photographer