Jodie and Nicholas

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How We Met

On Friday the 13th Nicky and I were introduced by my cousin on a night out. I seen him from across the room staring at me And I instantly liked him! After a year we moved in and Nicky took on my four children from a previous relationship. He was such a good step dad and treated them as if they were his own! I thought I was done having children but Nicky really wanted another and after the way I seen him act with my children I agreed one more would be OK. A few months later a huge shock we were having twins!!!! Marnie and Paisley came along on may 4th 2017 and brought with them a huge amount of love. They have brought our little blended family so much close together, I could never have dreamt it.

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how they asked

5 years on, on the date we met (13th July) Nicky proposed! It was a busy morning me running round with the kids, preparing lunches and taking them to school. Nicky stayed at home with the twins as we were taking them for an anniversary lunch date with us. I had some errands to run and after that I got Nicky a coffee and took it home. He kept calling me into the living room and I kept saying “2 seconds I’ve got to do this”. I finally entered the room and the twins were sat there in baby vests which said “Mummy will you marry Daddy” I wept instantly with happy tears of course and told him yes of course I’ll marry you!!! The most romantic thing he has ever done! And all the family knew apart from me what he had been planning! We have since been looking for venues for our big day and fell in love with a marquee venue and felt so lucky that the date available for 2018 was in fact Friday 13th July!! The exact day we met 6 years later ☺️??????

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