Jodi and Mike | Engaged at Walt Disney World

How We Met: Mike and I met when I was in the 10th grade at my best friend Melissa’s graduation party. We attended different high schools and he knew her through mutual friends. I was convinced it was love at first site, but needless to say Mike played hard to get for awhile. We were friends for a little over a year when we finally decided to start dating; I was in the 11th grade when we became “official” and Mike became my high school sweetheart.Image 1 of Jodi and Mike | Engaged at Walt Disney World

how they asked: My whole life I have always said that I wanted a Walt Disney World proposal. Mike and I have been there a few times so we both knew that the possibility of this happening was there. The only catch to the Walt Disney World plan was that Mike knew I would be expecting it all week and he would never be able to surprise me, which is what he wanted to do. It was the summer time and we had just spent the day swimming in my pool. He asked me if I’d like to go out to eat somewhere special and I insisted we go somewhere casual because I didn’t feel like dressing up. We went to a casual restaurant and had a good meal and then we decided to go back to his house. We had a few stops on the way there, I needed to stop and pick up a birthday present for my grandmother etc.

When we finally arrived at his house I assumed we’d be watching a movie as we usual do, when he insisted we go outside for a bonfire. I really wasn’t in the mood for a bonfire at all but he insisted that it was just his younger brother outside and he had been expecting us all night. When we went outside, the bonfire was going, we grabbed some deck chairs, sat down and his brother wasn’t anywhere to be found. In hindsight I realize now that I was rambling on about ridiculous things and Mike was barely paying attention to me but I didn’t notice because I just thought it was a regular night and we were having a regular bonfire. After a few minutes of my rambling Mike came over, looked at me and handed me something and said “you’re going to need this” and I looked down and it was a button from Walt Disney World that said “Just Engaged” I looked at him and said “WHAT?” and he got down on one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring and said “Jodi Connors, will you marry me?” of course I said yes about a million and one times but Mike still seemed distracted. I was confused because he had asked me and the scary part was over for him! That is when I heard it, fireworks. Right after I said yes, his brother was in the field setting off an amazing display of gorgeous fireworks fit for any disney fanatic. We watched the fireworks together, I cried and had to settle down my heart that was still beating 100 miles a minute. Although I had always dreamed of getting engaged at Walt Disney World, I truly got the best of both worlds; I was completely surprised and my fiancé brought Disney to me.

Image 2 of Jodi and Mike | Engaged at Walt Disney World

Image 3 of Jodi and Mike | Engaged at Walt Disney World