Jodi and Marty

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Santorini Greece

How We Met

Marty and I met while we were both doing an internship at Walt Disney World. We both worked at the same location together Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom. The outfits were less than appealing to say the least (full baseball costumes), yet somehow we still fell for each other regardless of our attire. I remember the exact moment in which I fell for him, he was stocking the restaurant with essentials found around the park and in a bit of a panic I described something I needed for Casey’s in a very Jodi way (a way in which makes no sense) he laughed yet he somehow knew what I meant and found what I needed. It was such a small instance however it was a time in which I was being underlay ridiculous but he still went along with my weirdness and made it fun which to me was priceless. Our first hang out outside of work was with a group of friends at Clearwater beach,It was incredibly fun and sealed the deal. We became inseparable best friends and he still goes along and understands the weird things I say.

how they asked

This is quite a long story and must have some back story to understand, I will try to keep it on message. Marty and I had spent a year in Tennessee and flipped a house, we decided to use the money we had made to take our dream trip to Europe. We started in New York then to England,Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Rome,Athens, and finally Santorini. We were almost done with our trip only a few more countries to go. By this point we were pretty exhausted and wore down from our travels. We spent our first day exploring the island, we climbed up the huge hill to Oia and then down huge cliffs to the water, then back up the cliffs. Little did I know he was scouting for a place to pop the question.

The next day I had booked a five hour boat cruise with unlimited wine, it was glorious. I was tipsy getting ready for the evening and continued enjoying more wine and cheese which obviously took me forever. We finally go to head out to dinner and there are hurricane winds just howling. I am wearing a white dress, in which I have always wanted to wear in Santorini and he matched me, but I thought nothing of it because thats what I thought you did there! We headed up the hill but were getting battered by the wind, we tried for the bus, but decided it was never coming,so we opted for a cab.

I was so frustrated with the wind at this point, but Marty was making jokes and I began cheering up. We got out of the cab and headed towards the cliffs where we were the day before. Marty was insisting we get a picture on the cliff looking nice (not in our traveling clothes). Annoyed to walk down in sandals and I dress we went that way. We got half way down the cliff and I began looking for my phone to take a picture. NO PHONE! I had left it in the cab. Realizing this I insisted we go back immediately to find it. He convinced me we were almost there and we would find it after, I became even more annoyed.

We got to a good place and there are people sunbathing naked which made him frazzled, but I am ready to get the picture and find my phone. He set up his phone on a rock on the side of the cliffs which I thought was going to take burst shots as he told me. However, it was taking a video and he walked over and got on one knee, I gasped literally gasped and immediately we both began to cry and hug each other. I was speechless for probably the first time in my life. I had no idea and was being the actual worst because of my stinking phone. He took a screenshot from the video and it was amazing. LUCKILY no one walked by and there were no naked people in the video, and it ended up no one was even around. It was perfect.

In another long winded story I got my phone back, and we decided to continue our journey in Europe and stayed another few months nanning for my cousins children. We like to call it our engagement moon. We are just a couple of wanderers that just wandered to each other and our proposal was kind of a reflection of that.It was beautiful and emotional, it was the most perfect moment of my life.

Jodi and Marty's Engagement in Santorini Greece