Jocelyn and Toren

Jocelyn's Proposal in Saint Petersburg, Florida

How We Met

Toren and I were both involved in a business entrepreneurship organization at our college, so we had exchanged many casual conversations. Early in the second semester of my senior year I was at a festival when I heard someone say my name. I turned to find Toren coming up beside me to say hi. I almost did a double take at him and wondered why I’d never noticed how handsome he was. As the weeks followed I began to take more note of him. He would approach me in the coffee shop or outside the business building just to chat. The first time we really hung out together outside of these slightly more meaningful but still casual passings was when he invited me to go to a political rally, which, if you know me you know was a really good hook.

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It was that night that I realized we had a lot in common. About a week later, after a few more times hanging out in groups he asked if I wanted to go walk by the lake with him, of course I said yes. That night we talked & laughed & shared things as though we were a lot closer with one another than we were at the time. Towards the end of that evening he asked if he could take me out on a date that Friday night. Again, I said yes. When Friday came he impressed me over and over again.

Jocelyn and Toren's Engagement in Saint Petersburg, Florida

He had the sweetest date planned for us out in St. Petersburg. We went to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the bay at sunset and then once the evening was over we went to the rooftop and then down to the ocean. We stayed, talked, and just enjoyed one another for hours and hours. Toren amazed me. He was intentional and honest about how he felt. Since that night he has pursued me so intentionally each day. He has loved me so well and I am so glad he has chosen me because I will choose him every day for the rest of my life.

how they asked

Toren and I knew we were going to be one another’s forever a short while into our relationship. March 25, 2017, just days after celebrating our one year together the day had finally come. Throughout our relationship we have watched a countless number of sunrises and sunsets together, so when Toren suggested we go on a sunset sail it wasn’t something that tipped me off to a proposal. When the day came Toren and I drove to Saint Petersburg beach in Florida for an adventure I had no idea was coming. The whole evening was like a dream. We got dinner at a cute little restaurant right by the beachfront then made our way to the dock where the sailboat was.

We both love the water and so being out on the sailboat, at sunset, in the most beautiful weather was the perfect evening together. Once we got out from the bay into the open water and the sun had just begun setting Toren told me he had a letter for me. Writing letters was something that we had done often and especially on special occasions so I again was not expecting what came next. As I was halfway through the letter a man came over in front of where we were and began taking pictures. At first I was so confused but then when I looked at Toren I knew what was about to happen.

Immediately I began to cry. Happy tears were uncontrollably running down my face as Toren took me by the hands, stood me up, and got down on one knee.

He said the sweetest words to me and followed it all with the question I couldn’t wait to answer. Toren and I were engaged and we couldn’t have been happier.

After getting off the boat he told me that we were going back to the rooftop where we had our first date. When we arrived all of our family and dearest friends were there to celebrate with us. It was the most dreamy night with the most amazing man.

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