Jocelyn and Tony

Image 1 of Jocelyn and Tony

How We Met

Tony and I met in 2007 at a party on St. Patrick’s day. A couple months later, when Tony first asked me to officially be his girlfriend he had come to visit me in Tempe (where I was attending college at ASU). He brought some school supplies because the semester was just starting. We were going on a date to Oregano’s and before we went inside Tony asked me to open one of the notebooks he brought for me, inside the notebook he wrote “Do you love me, do you want to be my girlfriend? check yes or no.” while playing George Straight’s song, check yes or no. Obviously I said yes.

how they asked

Fast forward 10 years later Tony finally decided it was the perfect time to pop the question because we were going to Las Vegas to see George Straight! Tony had no idea if George would play the song Check Yes or No, but he was sure hoping he would, and turns out it was the second song he played! During the song in front of thousands of people Tony whispered in my ear “I love you so much, Will you marry me?” and got down on one knee, during Check yes or no, and of course I checked YES!

Image 2 of Jocelyn and Tony