Jocelyn and Joseph

Where to Propose in Waterton National Parks, Canada

How We Met

Joseph and I met in 2014 in our local youth group. I remember giving him The Fault in Our Stars to read on one of our first dates, and for some crazy reason, we agreed not to talk until he finished reading it! I thought he would have no interest in it, but not only did he read it, he left sticky notes in each chapter on parts he loved, parts that tore his heart and the parts that reminded him of us! We have dated for three wonderful years and grew closer together as we worked through university and went on many adventures together.

how they asked

I give props to my fiance for pulling off such an amazing day because I am very hard to surprise! I always want to be “in the know”, so it’s tricky to keep secrets around me. We talked about getting engaged all Fall, and by November I just accepted that he needed more time, but little did I know that he had asked for my parents’ blessing, and bought the ring, in October! Fast forward to December, and he insisted I go to Waterton with him for a “free” lunch he won at a restaurant. I was grumpy about it because I was in the middle of four exams and my whole family “took his side” and told me to take a day off to go. I dismissed the thought that he may be proposing because he had already told me he was taking me to Banff the following week after my finals (this fib was all part of the plan!)

Jep had so many people in on this wonderful surprise- my best friend in New Brunswick, friends at home, as well as his two buddies who set the whole thing up while we were at lunch. We parked near the lake waiting to “meet one of my friends” (who was never coming) and I blabbed for fifteen minutes about my excitement to be getting engaged the following week. Finally, Joseph got out of the car, grabbed his jacket from the trunk (which is where the ring was) and walked out towards the lake, so I followed him. Once I saw the gazebo and rose petals on the ground, I finally realized what was happening. He showed me a sign that said Mr. and Mrs. Martinez, turned to me and said “You’ve been such a blessing in my life…”, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I love that he didn’t need a long soliloquy or speech; he knew what he wanted and was to the point! I always dreamed of that day, but never knew what a blur the actual moment is. I don’t remember him getting down on one knee or opening the ring box, but I do remember the huge, confident smile on his handsome face! And of course, he slid a beautiful, sparkly rose gold ring onto my finger.

After our moment, his friends came out of their hiding places to take pictures and celebrate. Then we went for dinner with all our youth group friends (the group we met each other in)! I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic, special day!

Jocelyn and Joseph's Engagement in Waterton National Parks, Canada