Jocelyn and Joel

How We Met

Joel and I officially met in 4th grade, we shared home room together but never really became friends. 6 years later, we were reintroduced by two mutual friends and it’s been a roller coaster ever since.

how they asked

Joel and I were invited to our friends house in order to cut a cake for their baby’s first birthday. The day of the event Joel called to tell me he would be late because he had to go to the hospital since he was on call and he asked for me to contact my best friend so that she could pick me up and that way he could just head over after work. About 20min have passed and I’m already at our friends house chatting with the girls in the kitchen when all of a sudden in comes my boyfriend and he’s singing “Stand By Me”. I was so shocked to see him, he’s suppose to be “working” so it took me a moment to gather my thoughts, he wasn’t singing “Stand By Me” he was just playing the melody and had come up with his own lyrics. It really hadn’t hit me what was about to happen until I saw my brother walk in with his camera with a huge smile and right at that moment is when I hear Joel sing “So with this I say, with much love and joy… Will you please take my hand and Marry me?”. I was shocked and speechless, I don’t know when but my hands had reached my face and I could literally not speak… I had to shake my head yes because no words were coming out! Best part my mother was there and so were his parents and my baby brother was able to capture that amazing moment in our lives! Perfection!

Image 1 of Jocelyn and Joel

Image 2 of Jocelyn and Joel

Special Thanks

Giovanni Altamiranda
 | Photographer