Jocelyn and Evan

Where to Propose in Los Angeles County Museum of Art

How They Asked

LACMA is a special place for us – it is where Evan asked me to be his girlfriend 3 and half years ago, we were members and often took walks from our first apartment to spend Sunday’s roaming through art. This mother’s day weekend Evan wanted to check out the Rauschenberg exhibit, and I of course agreed. After spending some time in the exhibit, Evan pulled me aside to “Urban Light,” one of my favorite places in the entire world. Being a typical consultant, Evan notified me how long we had known each other – 1,210 days, 172 weeks, and 43 months, which is 5% of the total months we will spend together if we live to 100. Over that time, we’ve experienced countless memories, and this was one of those memories. As Evan got down on one knee, my whole world filled with light and color. I immediately said YES and helped him put the ring on my left hand.

What is more special is this story, the meaning, and importance of the ring. Evan’s grandmother was a Holocaust survivor from Germany. Her family owned a store which sold jewelry, among other things. During Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, a night when Nazis shattered storefronts and looted towns, all but a few jewels were taken. His grandmother’s family asked their neighbors, who were not Jewish, to hold onto their remaining jewels.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Los Angeles County Museum of Art

After the Holocaust, Evan’s grandmother had three sons, her eldest, Evan’s dad, married and the special diamonds became part of his parent’s engagement ring. When Evan told his mother he was going to propose, she had the perfect diamonds to compliment the center stone – the diamonds that had once been hers, her mothers-in-law, and had survived the Holocaust.

Special Thanks

Amy Silver
 | Photographer