Jocelyn and Eric


How We Met

Eric and I met in 2011, we were hanging around with the same group of people and one day he asked me on a date, we instantly became bestfriends and highschool sweethearts. We loved all the same things and shared the same dreams. Our dates consisted of Fourwheeling through the forest and fields at my family’s farm, snowmobiling in the winter and horseback riding ! We’ve enjoyed 9 amazing years together and there is never a dull moment!



how they asked

On February 14th, 2016 one day before our 9 year dating anniversary he asked me to be his wife. It was absolutely perfect.

My family farm is 25 minutes from our home so that morning the weather was perfect and he wanted to go spend some time in the Forrest with my dad and family cutting fire wood (something we do very often!) So after dragging me out of bed and convincing me to put on my carharts we finally made the trip and of course with our furr child ‘Nova’ our 2 year old Great Dane who is a huge part of our family !

We also have a horse ‘General Lee’ who lives right across the road from our home in Tilbury where I was told he would be being used for a riding lesson Sunday morning. Little did I know shortly before we ventured off my best friend Devin and her boyfriend Steve picked him up and trailered him to the family Forrest!

Once we got to my parents house Eric and my dad went out to start a camp fire and start ‘cutting wood’ shortly after myself, Nova, my mom, my brother and his girlfriend headed out to the Forrest!

We followed the trail into the open spot of the Forrest where the campfire was roaring and my dad met us to lead the way. Nova ran towards the bushes and out comes Eric riding General. As soon as I realized what was going on and got over the confusion on how MY horse got here without ME, I realized what was about to happen.

As he dismounted General he reminded me of what an amazing 9 years it has been and how he couldn’t imagine his life any other way. There he went down on one knee. With my family by my side, my two previous furr babies in the Forrest I grew up in I said YES.




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Special Thanks

Devin | 
Best friend!