Jocelyn and Christopher

JJ's Proposal in The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

How We Met

Saturday, August 27, 2018, I went out to Stonebridge Restaurant in Milford, CT with one of my best friends Kim. That evening she and I invited her brother, JJ Durand, to come to meet up with us. When he did show up, he was not alone. He brought his friend Christopher with him. I had never met him before. Neither Kim nor JJ introduced us to each other because they had both assumed we already knew one another. As the night went on Kim and JJ were talking to each other for quite some time leaving Christopher and myself to talk to each other. To say I was reluctant was an understatement. I was in no way shape or form looking for someone and just not interested in the idea of it. I went as far as trying to make eyes at Kim to help me out, but she was too involved in her and JJ’s conversation. A short while later, Kim and JJ decide to go to the bathroom, again leaving Christopher and me to talk to each other.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

JJ and Christopher's Engagement in The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

Proposal Ideas The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The summit of Mount Snow in West Dover, Vermont

At this point, I brought up the fact that he must be older than me as he grew up with JJ and I was a year younger than them. To my surprise, Christopher responded that he was also a year younger than JJ. I of course then asked what month he was born in. “June,” he responded and to which I replied: “Me too! What day?!” Christopher then told me his birthday was the 19th. This where things became very strange because my birthday is also June 19th. We have the same exact birthday and year! I obviously asked to then see his license because this was just too strange to believe. Sure enough, it was! I obviously saw this as a sign and gave him my number. A few days, text messages, and visits to me at the bar I was working at Christopher finally asked me if I wanted to go out with him. And re-enter reluctant me, “I’m so busy this weekend. I have work, a wedding, and a 5k.” This is where I realized I should probably give this guy a real chance. He then suggested at that very moment that he was going to run with me if that meant he got to go out with me. So sure enough, in that exact moment, he signed up for the race. One year and some change later it has been the best decision I have ever let someone else make for me.

How They Asked

Growing up in New England if you don’t love the fall there is absolutely something wrong with you. Living in Connecticut is absolutely beautiful this season, but there is nothing like the leaves in Vermont in the fall. I had told Christopher how I wanted to go to Mount Snow for their Oktoberfest and bring some of our friends. Mount Snow is one of our favorite places to go snowboarding in the winter so it only seemed right to go back there to enjoy the foliage. So we packed up the car with lots of flannel, Chris’s sister, JJ, and a few other friends for a fun-filled Oktoberfest weekend at Mount Snow. Saturday morning after breakfast we headed over to the mountain. Now, most people would think having a huge professional camera document your everyday fun would be a complete spoiler that something major was going to happen that day, but for JJ that is a completely normal occurrence, so by now we’re all used to it. We entered the Oktoberfest and got in line for beer tokens almost immediately after seeing how long the lines were. This is the exact moment I should have known something was up. Christopher started acting very fidgety and anxious.

He asked if it was ok if I waited in line alone with our friends because he wanted to walk away from the crowd, but for some reason, JJ had to go with him. A few minutes later they both returned and we decided that we would have one drink and then take the lift to the summit to really see the fall foliage in full effect. We got in line and we were all having a great time, but Chris wasn’t convincing anyone that he was ok. the ride up was absolutely gorgeous as we thought it would be. As soon as we reached the top, Chris and JJ ran off again. Assuming they just needed to use the bathroom I walked around and checked out the views with our friends. A few long minutes later Chris and JJ return and we make our way to a less crowded view to get some pictures of each other and the views. I walked down a trail and at the time did not realize the only person following was Christopher. He and I had a nice moment taking in the breathtaking sight and he then looked back and asked JJ to take our picture. As we were getting into a pose I noticed Chris’s shaking breaths and nervousness, asked him if he was ok and was assured that he was fine. The next second he told me to look over there, to which I did, but barely, and next thing I knew Christopher was on one knee.

I immediately started crying and hyperventilating. I could not believe this was happening. I could barely catch my breath until Christopher got up and hugged me. I then became aware that he was wearing a mic and JJ was recording everything! Apparently everyone knew but me! (which I’m told is how it’s supposed to be) I pride myself on never being caught off guard and for him to pull this off was absolutely amazing. We had recently spoken about the idea of getting engaged and he and I both agreed that right now wasn’t the best time financially and that maybe saving up for a house would be a better idea. So this was the absolute last thing I was expecting! I love this man with every ounce of my being and could not be more thankful that he asked me to marry him!

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