Jocelyn and Cheyne

How We Met

She looked over at me from behind the safety of her older brother, with a sense of wonderment and innocence, and we locked eyes. It was that moment, circa 2007, when, without a single word spoken, we had made a connection. She still looks at me in that same way today, as if each day begins with the first moment we met. I believe it was fate that brought us both together that day, and showed us the way to each other again today. We never seemed to stagger to far from the road we first walked together. From the night hike to the late night chats, I always felt a sense that she was near by, even when we we apart. Since high school we had watched each other grow; the ups and the downs. Through the good and the bad I saw strength, stability, and independence. Throughout my growth she saw ambition, passion, and a longing for more. But we both saw a little bit of ourselves within each other. My victories were her’s. Her woes were mine. I found glory in her triumphs and she found sorrow in my pain. Though through it all, we waited on one another. We left space, left words unspoken and feelings untold but our story was far from over.

Something kept us close and reminded us that the home we sought so dearly was always there, waiting. I’m reminded of the days we almost crossed paths, and it is easy to become envious of the man I could have been had we taken one step closer to one another. Like the time she came to my dorm room and left me a note, knowing well that I could be sleeping on the other side of the wall. Or the many, many times that we rolled with the same crowd, but somehow always seemed to miss each other. Although I envy that young man who could have found his love so early on, I also take comfort in knowing that fate would have us wait to find one another when the time was right. It’s strange how things work out, and how life has a way of piecing itself together. Like a puzzle, each piece, or moment in our lives fits within a beautiful picture, but without each moment the picture would never be complete and we would be left with meaningless pieces.

I cannot begin to count the amount of pieces that drew me closer to Jocelyn. From moving to the same town, to attending the same high school, then community college, to attending the same university as her sister in law. Every decision I have made in my life has kept me close to her, and for that I am grateful. We reconnected when her passion for coffee brought her to the place we now call home. From the small town of Redlands came a company that has made a big impact on coffee, Augies Coffee Roasters. I saw that she had started working for Augies new location near our hometown and knew I needed to reach out. From the moment we started talking it had felt like I had known her my whole life. We talked on the phone for hours every night, and grew closer and closer. When we finally saw each other again for the first time it was like re-connecting with a long lost love and friend. Moments grew in to days, which grew in to months and our love grew stronger.

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I knew so early on that she was the one who held my heart and soul. We reconnected in October and by January I had already bought the ring. I kept my proposal plans secret from her for months as I waited and planned and found the right time to bring everyone together.

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I wanted that moment in our lives to be memorable so I planned a proposal that would be passionate, romantic, and would reflect our relationship. I contacted all of our friends and family and brought them together for a scavenger hunt through our new home town of Redlands which led to the Memorial Chapel at the University of Redlands. At each stop I left one of her close friends with a memento which would lead to the next clue.

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Jocelyn and Cheyne's Engagement in University of Redlands

At the final stop was her parents in front of the chapel doors. What she didn’t know that waiting inside was a choir of friends singing a song I wrote in Latin with the text of “I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Seeing her walk through the chapel doors was a reminder of why I love her more each day. I count my blessings that I have found someone that has such a deep love and appreciation for me, and who brightens my life in every moment.

We we walked up on stage together, and I got down on one knee, I knew this was the start of a lifelong journey together that would end in a happily ever after. We celebrated with all of our friends and family that night, and went back to our new home together. Now we plan, grow, learn, and make a life together. We’ve come to find that the traits we saw in each other were the traits we had in ourselves all along. Its in those moments that you realize you have found the one whom your soul loves. The one who reflects your image and teaches you to prosper and thrive. The one who see’s themselves in you, and you in them. The one who encourages you to become more of who you always were, and pushes you to grow more and more each day. This is our story. The beginning of a journey together.

To have found one another and cherish each other in this moment and through eternity.

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