Jocelyn and Cheyne

How We Met

Cheyne when I was 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. Cheyne was a friend of my brothers and I very easily developed a school girl crush on him. Once he graduated from high school I didn’t see him until four years later at a hike we were both invited to by a mutual friend. We hiked and caught up and enjoyed each others company and went our separate ways until five years later he came into my coffee shop that I just started working at. We caught up on each others lives and after that the rest is history. We began a journey together, that I now know, was the beginning of my walk through life and eventually eternal life with my future husband.

how they asked

The day of our proposal was a day that Cheyne was going to be celebrated. It was his birthday and I was able to plan a dinner with his closest friends and family. Little did I know, something else was stirring up! I was on my way to Cheyne’s apartment to pick him up and while I was driving I received a voicemail from him that he will be right back and to meet him at the apartment. On my way up the stairs I saw a piece of paper hanging on the door.

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Instructions that I was going to begin a scavenger hunt that would ultimately lead me to the end in which he’ll meet me. My heart knew right away what was happening, I just began to cry tears of joy. He left a key with the instructions. I entered the apartment and there were wild flowers covering all over the living room. – picture of us sat on the coffee table with clue number one. Clue number one lead me to our first kiss spot.

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Jocelyn and Cheyne's Engagement in University of Redlands

I pulled up and my best friend was standing there with clue number two. Clue number two lead me to the spot he asked me to be his girlfriend where another best friend was waiting. Clue two lead me to a cafe where we use to sit, talk, read books and dream about our future together. Here another best friend was there with another best friend, holding a book that he made with the next clue. This clue lead us to the chapel at the university of Redlands, where we have prayed together. In front of the chapel were my parents, standing proud and with tears.

I was overwhelmed with complete joy! My parents lead me inside the chapel where Cheyne was standing. He walked me down the isle to the front of the chapel. The isles began with pictures of both of us as children and slowly lead up to our adult years until now. Cheyne wrote a piece for a chior to sing with the lyrics “I have found the one whom my soul loves,” in Latin.

I turned around and all our friends and family sat in the audience and he got down on one knee and said, ” You are my best friend and my soulmate, will you do forever with me?” I followed up with Yes! My heart cannot even grasp that I get to spend the rest of my life, loving, caring, nurturing, fixing, building, and becoming one together.

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