Jocelyn and Bryce

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How We Met

We met at the beginning of my sophomore year at Chapel Hill High School (he was a junior at the time). I sat behind him in Señora Hill’s Spanish class, and later that afternoon learned we were new teammates on Chapel Hill’s club swim team. Although I thought he was so dreamy from the get-go, our friendship gradually transitioned into the relationship that would stand the test of time.

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After his high school graduation, Bryce began at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill for swimming and one year later I attended Clemson University. Four years of living four and a half hours apart only reinforced our belief that we were meant to be together. After graduating from Clemson I began medical school in South Carolina, where I currently am. Bryce moved down with his job to be with me and our time together now has been well worth the wait.

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how they asked

We spontaneously planned a trip to California for late June to catch up with old friends and family on the west coast. Little did I know, one evening that was planned for “dinner and drinks with friends” in Del Mar, California was actually the night of our incredibly romantic and special proposal.

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Our friends lured me out on to the cliffs overlooking the ocean for “an Instagram pic that will be so cute!” then suddenly ‘forgot their purses in the car’ and made a mad dash away. Bryce grabbed my hand and pulled me to the lookout where he knelled down and popped the question.

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Little did I know, a photographer was hiding behind the shrubs nearby and captured each exciting second of it :)

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