Jocelyn and Bryan

How We Met

Bryan’s aunt works in the Human Resources department at my work and thought we would be a good couple. She set us up!

How They Asked

Oh my goodness. I was leaving work at 6:30 pm on a Thursday (my late night). I see a cop car driving behind me. I thought- better be careful. I took a turn and all of a sudden I see lights flashing. My stomach sank. I pulled over and put my hazards on (I thought you were supposed to do that) the officer comes up to my window. I recognize his name as he is friends with my fiancé. And my fiancé was just helping him put up tv the week before. He said “Hi I am officer so and so” I then said his first name, and I go I’m Jocelyn Bryan Sanborn’s Girlfriend. He literally looks at me and goes license and registration. I got out of my info. And gave it to him. As he walked away to check my info- all’s I can see is EVERYONE I WORK WITH driving by STARING AT ME. I am horrified. I also thought about how Bryan and the officer’s friendship was over (I’m kidding 100% kidding. He was doing his job) I thought about texting Bryan but I figured I shouldn’t risk even bringing my phone out in the car. The officer comes back and asks if my inspection sticker is up to date. I point and said yes. Again now I am so nervous. He then asks me “do you know why I pulled you over?” I said “I do not”, he said “one of your taillights is out, why don’t you come out and look at it” now I am horrified and embarrassed because everyone I work with is slowing down looking at me and the flashing lights. I look at the officer and said “I totally believe you, and I am going to fix it as soon as I get home” I did not want to get out of the car because I was so embarrassed I got pulled over and everyone I worked with was passing me. The officer took a step back- and paused then he said “why don’t you just come out and look” I had a bunch of papers On my lap took them off got out of the car and I literally said “Bryan what the f^ck”

Our Video

Special Thanks

Andrew Silva
 | Officer who pulled me over
Officer 2
 | Videographer