JoCee and Jaden

Where to Propose in World Trade Center - New York City

How We Met

Jaden and I met while attending the University of Utah, in a networking class <- The class worked out really well obviously (;

We were also both remotely working for a startup called Blerp. We had communicated over slack many times and had programmed together, but we had never met in person, even though we had a class together. I was one of 3 girls in the class of 70 yet it took Jaden until the last month of class to recognize me. When Jaden finally recognized me, he did the most professional thing possible and asked me out on a date in our work chat. He invited me to Led Zepplin laser show that Friday, and I said yes! Our co-workers will never let us live that down.

how they asked

Seeing Forever: New York, the city of dreams. More people, energy, ideas, and humidity in one city than anywhere else in the world, or at least anywhere else in my world. I have been living here for 3 months, alone and away from everyone else that I knew. I was commuting 4 hours a day and putting in long hours on Wallstreet. Not many people got this opportunity, and here I was chasing my dreams, or so I thought. It was my last weekend in New York, and for the first time in three months, I wasn’t alone. Jaden was here with me, from all the way across the country to experience my last moments in this city with me.

Jaden and I were about to go on top of the World Trade Center, the new one, rebuilt from the destruction 20 years ago. At 1776 feet, the new World Trade Center is the tallest building in the U.S., for now at least. Being the tallest building isn’t ever a record that stands for long. Waiting in line as we approach security, Jaden begins to act nervous, this is weird. “What’s wrong Babe?” I asked, but he didn’t mention anything. When it was our turn to empty our pockets and open our bags to walk through the metal detectors, Jaden pushed me through and decided to tie his shoe right there and then, letting others go in front of him separating us, again. We had been apart for the entire summer, three months was enough for me, but apparently not Jaden. I was beginning to be annoyed. I wanted to “see forever”, as promised in the motto for the building, from 102 stories up. I couldn’t wait to view the entire city that I loved and that contained my dreams, the city that I was about to leave.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in World Trade Center - New York City

One security pat down, and an elevator ride later, we made it to the top, and what I saw was the most amazing thing. Thousands of buildings, skyscrapers, and cars containing millions of people. The statue of liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building all as small as play toys. The view was breathtaking, unimaginable. The world is definitely round, and much more dynamic than I can ever imagine. “I can see the entire world up here,” I told Jaden, “I can too” he responded while not looking at the view but instead looking only at me. Then Jaden got down on one knee, reached into the shoe that he insisted on tying before walking into security and pulled out a ring – an offer of forever. “You are my world, and I promise to give you the world if you will marry me and be with me forever,” he said.

At that moment, I knew the only place in the world I wanted to be was hand in hand with Jaden, even if it wasn’t in New York, the city of my dreams. Nothing else mattered. No frustration, confusion, or previous loneliness could affect me. Looking out at the view of the city I loved and worked so hard to get to, I knew the World Trade Center’s motto was right, I could “see forever”- not because of the view, but because looking at Jaden, the one thing I knew I loved and wanted more than this city. I could clearly see my forever.