Jobbie and Michael

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How We Met

We met each other the same way any other millennial couple met, online! We started chatting online on January 29, 2018, after meeting on a site called Bumble.
We went on our first date on February 2, 2018. Since both of us had been on countless bad dates and many failed relationships, we both weren’t expecting much from each other on the first date. In fact, I almost bailed last minute on Mike, good thing I didn’t ;)

Our date started at Gruff Brewing in Bellingham, WA we both had such a great time that we decided to extend the night and go to an Improv comedy show at the Upfront Theatre. Mike made me walk 10 blocks in heels in the rain to the comedy show. By the way, I hate the rain and I made sure Mike knew it the whole time we were walking, in the end, I was having too much fun with Mike to really care and it was worth it because the show ended up being a blast. Mike ended up driving me home and there we shared our first kiss before I went inside. I knew it was the start of something special because I broke my rule of “no kissing on the first date”

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Our first photo together at my birthday party, which was also our 2nd time hanging out.

How They Asked

December 24, 2019. I had a feeling it was coming, Mike never asked me what I wanted for Christmas and there were no presents hidden anywhere for me. Mike told me on Christmas Eve morning that he still needed to wrap my present. He went downstairs while I continued to get ready for the Christmas weekend that we were going to spend with both our families. Before we left Mike told me that he wanted me to open my gift.

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I sat on the couch and he gave me a BIG box, which was wrapped in another box which was wrapped in another box, and by the time I got to the ring box I already knew what was coming and starting crying, Mike was already on one knee at this point and I have no idea what he said, I was so nervous and still crying, all I remember was taking the ring out of the box myself and putting it on my own finger. It was perfect timing because we got to share our engagement with all of our family that weekend

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