Joannie and Rafael

How We Met

We met while we were under grads at Syracuse University. After I (Joannie) pledged my sorority – his fraternity and my sorority ended up hanging out a lot. We got to know each other through those interactions and instantly connected on so many levels. We came from very different backgrounds. I was a suburb girl and he was a city kid. I was Peruvian and he was Dominican. Through our differences we shared our values and knew that it was more than just fling. We had so much fun together doing the smallest things and Rafael was very much into romantic gestures. 8 years later and here we are!

Joannie and Rafael's Engagement in Grand Central Terminal

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how they asked

On the day of the engagement I had no idea what was happening. We were scheduled to see the Rockettes at Radio City but I woke up that day not in the mood to go. After some convincing we met up and watched the show. The whole time Rafael kept getting up to use the bathroom – i was still clueless as to what was happening. Come to find out later that he was coordinating with everyone at Grand Central before we got there.

The show ends and he is stalling, we are taking pictures by the tree and talking about the show. Rafael seems distracted but again I don’t really notice. After we leave Radio City we start walking outside and Rafael mentions that he lost his credit card and someone had found it in Grand Central. Since this has happened before and Rafael has incredibly good Karma I wasn’t surprised someone was trying to return his card. We started to head to Grand Central and when we got there we were looking for a guy in a green scarf.

After a few minutes walking around a guitarist and singer stop us to listen to their show. They were signaling us to come over since we were holding hands and were a couple. Totally not uncommon in the NYC. People who do acts in the subways will sometimes try to point people out and get them into the show. We stopped and started listening in front of TRACK 27. The guy is singing a really beautiful song that I can’t quite remember where I’ve heard before. A crowd starts forming around full of excited tourists watching these guys. People start recording on their phones and posting on snapchat. Rafael looks at me and he’s like isn’t it weird that they are just here singing this song? I look confused and don’t say anything but my heart starts racing. The song comes to a stop and Rafael guides me towards him to the center of the circle that has now been formed. I am in SHOCK.

He gets down on one knee and I am trying so hard not to cry my eyes out. I want to take in every word he is saying right now and remember this moment forever. I vaguely glance up and see a videographer and photographer around us. (This guy thought of everything!) After it was over I didn’t even look at the ring yet and said “YES OF COURSE” and we hugged and cried. Everyone starting cheering and then Rafael signals people to come towards us – our family. My mom, dad, grandmother, mother in law, brother in law, etc are all around us crying and hugging us. I officially realize what just happened and start balling my eyes out. People come up to us and congratulate us on our engagement. It was an unforgettable moment. We took a few more pictures in Grand Central with the photographers that Rafael hired. The reason it was in Grand Central was because that was always our meeting spot. I am from and live in Connecticut and he was in NYC so catching the train to see each other – GC became an important place for us.

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