Joanne and Colt

How We Met

Colt and I met on a blind date while we were both still in school. I was finishing up undergrad and he was finishing up his Master’s. Our mutual friends had set us up on a dinner date. Looking back now, I know he was nervous during conversation, but that night, all he talked about was his research and I thought to myself, “I’ll never see this guy again.” Two and a half years later, we’re engaged! Life is funny like that and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

how they asked

It was the Tuesday before Christmas. He drove me up to the mountains and convinced me it was so we could have “our own Christmas” since we both would be spending that day with our families separately. I kept questioning him the whole drive up because it was as rainy and foggy as it could get and we lived nowhere near the mountains. Once we got up to the Blowing Rock, the fog cleared and the sun came out just long enough for us to ask a kind stranger to take a picture of us. Colt then got on one knee and I thought that meant we would both be sitting down for the photo… He mumbled, “No, stand up.” Confused as I was, I stumbled to get up on that very slanted rock we were standing on. Next thing I knew, he pulled out a beautiful wooden box which held a gorgeous ring nestled right in there. I barely glanced at it for a millisecond when the entire day started to come together and the (happy) tears just came rushing. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and joyful, breathtaking day.

Image 1 of Joanne and Colt

Image 2 of Joanne and Colt