Joanne and Christian

How We Met

We’ve met since 2014 for the first time at a festival. It was the first attraction between us, after 4 years we’ve met again at a party and it was the beginning of our Love story. So, We’ve known each other for 10 years. Our love story started 6 years ago with lots of detours. But everytime the roads would lead us back together.

How They Asked

Then, in July 2019 we’ve met for the first time after 6 years and it was our decision to live our new beginning. On 18/2/2020 it was the proposal in four-season.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in A dinner surprise at fourseason hotel

Four seasons is our special place for our ritual dinner since 2014. So the idea was to have our ritual dinner at four seasons.

When we arrived at four-season, the waiter asked us if we love to try the new concept in four-season in the up, so We didn’t mind. Once We became on the 4th floor She was surprised by this proposal with family and friends. It was a precious night that will be a special night forever.