Joanne and Ben

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home

How We Met

We met through mutual friends almost 6 years ago on a trip to the cinema. Instantly we connected and i knew he was going to be the one. He offered me his jacket as soon as we arrived at the cinema and as I looked over and smiled at him I felt that funny feeling in my tummy and thought ‘thats him, the man you are meant to be with’.

how they asked

It was just the same as any other Christmas morning. We woke early and went downstairs where we found all our presents. We sat together, both excited like children, and took it in turns one by one to open our presents. Once we had finished we decided to have some breakfast, so as tradition goes Ben went into the kitchen to make me a bacon sandwich. I have always said since we got together that Ben makes the best bacon sandwich so this is how he decided to propose! He was taking a long time and I was wondering what was going on but obviously now I understand! He walked in once he had plucked up the courage and came into the living room with a plate of bacon sandwich and a small box on the top. My eyes widened and I said ‘what is that?’. He then asked me to stand up and this is when he got down on one knee and declared his love for me. He said how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and continue to make memories everyday to build a life together! Obviously, with tears in my eyes I said YES!