JoAnne and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I met in high school. We were good friends through that time and we were there for each other through everything…good times, bad times and everything in between. After my first year of college, we started spending a lot more alone time together and our relationship began to change. After a month or two, we realized that we had fallen for each other and he asked me out.

how they asked

Adam and I were celebrating our five year anniversary. He took me to Newburyport, MA. We spent the morning exploring the area and doing some shopping. That evening, I knew we had dinner reservations but I didn’t know where we were going. Adam packed a lunch box with mini bottles of wine and I followed him down the street to the dinner location. When I realized what we were doing, I was so excited! We were dining on a lighthouse! We followed the waiter up the stairs and I was immediately entranced with the gorgeous view. We ordered our appetizers, poured some wine and enjoyed the once in a lifetime opportunity. While we were waiting for our entrees to arrive, the sun began to set. We went to the outside of the lighthouse and watched the sunset. I was enjoying the amazing sunset view and I could feel Adam step away from me. When I turned around, he was on one knee with a stunning ring in his hand and simply said “Will you marry me?” Of course, I immediately said yes and we enjoyed the rest of our meal on the lighthouse. As a perfect ending to a perfect day, there were fireworks directly across from where we were. It honestly felt like a fairy tale!