Joanna and Vageli

Screenshot_2015-08-23-20-58-58-1How We Met:  We met when we were both working in the mall. I happened to go in to a store called Metropark where this guy approached me while I was casually waiting on my girlfriend and he said something along the lines of,” Hey, I hope I’m not being to forward but I think you’re cute. ” and he handed me his number. I remember thinking as I walked into the store that his eyes were really pretty but I really didn’t think much more about it so I was surprised he actually talked to me. He teases me about how I didn’t text him until he saw me walking by the store again and he called me out to actually give him a call! I finally did and he invited me over for dinner, where  he cooked me fish and rice!  It was so so good too!  Now, five years later, we are engaged and I am so blessed and grateful I walked in to that store that day. 

how they asked:  He proposed to me in Greece at my favorite beach, Panormos. When we got there he told me to go ahead and get us two sunbeds in the front while he went and chatted with a lady friend of ours, Pia, who works in the beach restaurant. I didn’t think anything of it and went ahead and grabbed us some seats. As I was just relaxing and picking pebbles to bring back home to ATL with us alongside the shore, he came up behind me and wrapped his legs around me as I sat there picking my pebbles and he kept asking me how much I love him and what not, whilst looking over his shoulder to avoid having me see our friend, Pia, slowly approach behind us and lower the most beautiful tray complete with flower petals, two glasses of red wine, cherries, and of course a diamond ring nestled in the middle of it all. I looked up and he asked,”Will you marry me?!” I immediately looked at him, said yes and started crying…crying happy tears of course! Yes, yes I will!