Joanna and Teddy

Image 2 of Joanna and Teddy

How We Met

Teddy and I met in high school, we’ve been best friends since 7th grade. We became inseparable in 9th grade, we were each others rocks through so many tough times. In 10th grade, he asked me to be his girlfriend! And we’ve been together ever since! He is my everything since day one. I knew that we would one day get married, but we never rushed or felt the need to “make it official” we were so busy living and growing and creating beautiful memories together.

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How They Asked

So we planned a trip with our 4 best friends in Italy. We had a week and a half with our friends and two and a half weeks for ourselves. The second day on the Amalfi Coast, we got a private boat and sailed alone along the coast and seen the most beautiful sights Iv ever seen. We stopped in the ocean right before we got to Capri, we all decided to take pictures.

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Image 4 of Joanna and Teddy

Teddy and I were the last ones to take pictures. After a few seconds of taking pictures, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the most magical moment of my life. I can’t wait until we say I do!