Joanna and Lucas

Proposal Ideas Glacier National Park

How We Met

Lucas and I met at the gym because we were connected by another woman who had talked to us both separately just a few days apart. The second time I saw the woman, she described Lucas and asked if I knew him. I recognized him based on her description, but had never spoken to him before — the gym is one of those places where talking to people (especially if you don’t know them!) can be questionable. She said she would tell him to talk to me because it seemed like we had a lot in common. I expected that in the next day or two he may stop and say hi and that would be that, but then he was gone for the next week! So, of course, I was thinking that he definitely didn’t want to talk to me. Little did I know, he had left for vacation for a week, but even after he returned, it took him another week until he said, “I don’t mean to interrupt your workout, but I can’t let you leave without talking to you today…” He was SO nervous and the look in his eyes told me that he was about to become a very important person in my life.

How They Asked

Lucas and I started dating at the very end of March 2018. In June, just a few months after we started dating, Lucas mentioned that he was going to plan something for the following June, but that I couldn’t know any more than that. So naturally I asked questions EVERY DAY for the next YEAR and he did not budge! Finally, at the beginning of June 2019, Lucas gave me dates for a surprise trip at the end of the month but still gave no hints as to where we were going or what we were doing. The weekend before we left, he gave me two packing lists — one of the essentials that I would need no matter where we traveled to, and one list of things ranging from a parka and snow boots to a swimsuit and flip flops. The second list of items would go to his house and from there he would select and pack the things I would actually need on our trip.

Joanna's Proposal in Glacier National Park

When we finally arrived at the airport, I still didn’t know where we were heading, but we ended up in Kalispell, Montana, which is right near Glacier National Park. Lucas had a full itinerary printed out with every hour planned. We hiked, we ran a half marathon, we hiked some more, and then he made all of my dreams come true. On our hike up to Grinnell Glacier, we stopped for some photos and Lucas set up a tripod, which is not unusual for us. I thought we were taking 10-second timer photos, but little did I know, Lucas was actually setting up a video and each time he went to go “start the timer” he was checking to make sure we were on the screen and everything was in focus. After our last “photo” he told me to face the mountains and he would take a photo of me. When I turned around, Lucas was down on one knee and asked me to be his forever!!

I had just gotten engaged and doubted that our trip could get any better, but Lucas had one more surprise in store. As a little backstory, I have loved llamas for years. We drove about 45 minutes from our hotel and ended up at Swan Mountain Outfitters, where they have Llama Treks (@llamatreks). Lucas had arranged for us to go on a short hike with llamas (yes, we each had our own llama — what a dream!) and then at the turnaround point, we were able to picnic with our llamas by the river with wine, cheese, crackers, and other dinner snacks. So fun and the perfect ending to the best surprise trip!