Joanna and Jovan

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How We Met

We met in Adelaide where we were both studying Chemical Engineering.

how they asked

On the weekend of the proposal, we were visiting Adelaide with some friends from Melbourne. The plan on the day of the proposal was a trip to the wineries in Barrossa followed by a stopover at a lookout point in the east. I was told that the lookout point stop was to show our friends the view of Adelaide at sunset. Jovan and I found this lookout point by chance when we first started dating. We had rented a car with no planned agenda for the day. We decided to drive in a straight line down North Terrace to the east of the city and we ended up at this lookout point.

As we were driving to the lookout point, Jovan kept fiddling with this phone whilst driving, which got me annoyed. “What could be so important on his phone”. When we got to the lookout, I got more annoyed because our friends weren’t interested in the view…they stayed in the car. I wasn’t happy with that. Especially when we had rushed our winery visit to drive them down to this lookout point, for them.

As soon as I got out of the car, Jovan took my hand and walk me up to the peak of the lookout. The first thing I noticed was small white boxes lined up on the ground. I did not suspect anything then nor did I realize they were candles. Then I saw the “will you marry me?” sign.

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My first thoughts were “I think we are interrupting someone’s proposal…we should leave!”

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It probably took me a couple of seconds to realise my name on top of the sign… and a couple more to realize this proposal was for me. As I was coming to terms with what was happening, out of nowhere, two photographers came rushing up the lookout point… snapping away. At this point, I was sobbing uncontrollably. It has come as a complete surprise and I didn’t know how to react.

Shortly after the shock, he got down on one knee and proposed :)

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