Joanna and Jeremy

Proposal Ideas At our house

So it was a lazy day for me on Feb 24th later in the evening my family and I were going to OKC to meet with Jeremy’s (groom) mother, aunt, and my mother for my youngest daughter’s birthdaydinner. Jeremy was gone all day with one of his good friends, they like to go to a shooting range to blow off steam lol! So around 4:30p.m. He finally walks in the door and I ran to him to hug him…missed him all day! He asked if I missed him and also said he got me something!!!! He pulled out a little ring box from his pants pocket (I didn’t think anything of it because he always buys me little gifts in boxes) anyways so I grabbed the box and sat on our coffee table to open it…He sat down in front of me something about this box was different, made my heart skip a beat, beautiful blue box in the shape of a book with a satin bow on it! And he had this look in his eye I will never forget! So as I opened the box he asked me to be his best buddy for life, all I seen was this beautiful solitary diamond ring and just blurted out yes!!!!!!! We are due to wed March 23rd 2019! We just had our engagement party 12-16-17!