Joanna and Ivan

Joanna and Ivan's Engagement in Berlin

How We Met

I used to live in the USA but since I am originally from Spain I spent some periods of my life coming here for holidays and visiting my beloved ones.Due to bureaucratic stuff I had to spend 3 months in my hometown,located in the north of Spain (Oviedo-Asturias) One night,i was at home,kind of bored and I decided to check my Instagram account(I really love this app!) Checking suggested people I might know I saw a face and i immediately fell in love. He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. So I gave him some likes on his pics.

He sent me a direct message asking me ¨Where are you from? Your face sounds familiar to me¨ (By the way, months later he admitted that everything was a lie, he as just flirting with me) I replied and we started chatting. What was our surprise? He lived in a near city,just 30 minutes by car from mine. We exchanged phone numbers and we continued texting for a couple of weeks. Finally we met one day for breakfast, having a walk and we got to know each other better.It was astonishing, I have never felt that way with any guy. I felt like we were supposed to meet,it was fate.We had the time of our lives with such a simple plan. That meant something. We couldn’t wait to meet again (literally) and we meet that night to watch a movie and grab some dinner around town.

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We started dating but after 3 months we had to start a long-distance relationship due to my job in the USA, it did not go well,as they are so hard to manage. But I did not want to miss the love of my life and I took a big risk. I quit my job and I came back to Spain in search of a new life. I found a job really fast and we re-started our relationship. It was clearly a love goal. After a year, we moved on together and we bought a perfect puppy that completes our family, and after 2 years he proposed in Berlin during a trip.All of this made me learn that we all have to take risks in our lives if we want to succeed, even in love.

Joanna's Proposal in Berlin

how they asked

I had the feeling that he was going to ask me if I wanted to be his wife. We were talking for a while about how our dream wedding would be and so on. We love travelling and we do it very often. During my birthday we went to Belgium since I lived there during my college days.I studied in Ghent,in the Flemish region of Belgium. It is a very romantic city and since it was my birthday i thought he was going to ask. Too soon! It happened 3 months after,in our next trip to Berlin, we were walking through Alexander platz (my fav spot of Berlin) and he asked me if I wanted to marry him. The ring was everything I could ask for.

Joanna and Ivan's Engagement in Berlin

We decided to have 2 weddings.One in private and the second a big celebration in our hometown with hundreds of friends and relatives, a big party! This one will happen on May the 6th of 2017 in an Asturian Palace near the mountains and the sea.The private wedding just happened! We got married in the city of Rome (Italy) some days ago ,the 4th of January. Why Rome? It is the most romantic city I have ever been to. We had a very romantic wedding and the photo shoot was incredible!

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Joanna's Proposal in Berlin

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