Joanna and Gregory

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How We Met

As crazy as it sounds, Greg and I met an for a show that our mutual friends were putting together. “Showmances” am I right!? As anyone involved with theater knows, those never work out. Well we are happy to report that this one did! A couple days after the auditions, I went to the movies with a few of my friends. It was a very last minute plan, so last minute that I didn’t even know it was happening until they came to pick me up. I was in my very fancy and stylish outfit of sweatpants and a t-shirt that said “Vader is coming, look busy.” When we got there we found out the show we were going to see was sold out so we bought tickets for the next show time and decided to walk around for a bit. As we turned a corner, in walks Greg with his sister Larissa. We did not really know each other yet so we exchange some hellos and totally not at all awkward hugs and some small talk. All of a sudden, Greg looks down at me and says “Hey, I have that shirt!”

The small talk continued for a couple minutes until we said our goodbyes and, as I would later come to learn, Larissa told Greg that she was positive we would get together this summer. Her exact words were “That is totally going to happen (Larissa Reynolds, 2012).” Turns out she was correct! The next time we saw each other was at our mutual friends’ graduation party. Greg came late because of work, and I was actively trying to avoid an awkward situation so I took advantage of his arrival and struck up some totally not at all awkward small talk. This is when I learned he was a student pilot, an engineer, and a bartender to name a few professions. I thought “wow, is there anything this guy can’t do?” As the night carried on, and the liquid courage was kicking in, we found ourselves on a couch and where we had “the moment.” I turned to him, realizing he was much closer to me then I thought, we locked eyes and both went in for a kiss. I might be a little bias, but it was the best and most romantic first kiss I had ever had.

From then on we went on a few dates; movies, dinners, city adventures, and fire pit and game nights. I remember there being so much laughing and that it was so easy to be around each other. I, unfortunately, had to travel back to school at the end of the summer. We decided that it would be best to not date long distance. However, the universe had a different plan! It was impossible for us to stop talking to each other. There were countless texts and phone calls at all hours of the day and when I was home from school we spent all of our time together. After a while we finally realized there was no denying this crazy summer fling had turned into a full-blown relationship!

Our five years together has been filled with so many adventures; from snowboarding and skiing to camping in Lake George to finding the next best place to go for chicken wings or dollar oysters, the adventures have been endless. Being together has always been easy and choosing to love each other every single day no matter what has been even easier!

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how they asked

On October 1st, a beautiful fall Sunday, Greg, his sister Larissa, her boyfriend Pete, and I traveled up to one of our favorite places in the world Mohonk Mountain House. Larissa was leaving for a job that would take her away until next June and Pete had never been to Mohonk before. Larissa kept saying how much she wanted to go with Pete before she left for her job. I could never pass up the opportunity to travel to the mountain house, but was unsure if they would want to go alone or if they would be okay with us coming with them. Greg kept assuring me it was okay if we went up with them. Little did I know that it was more okay then I would have ever realized!

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At Mohonk there is a hiking trail called The Labyrinth which is a very difficult rock scramble through caves, traversing cliffs, and climbing some slightly questionable ladders. It is one of my favorite hikes ever! If you survive the crazy rock climb, you then get the privilege of climbing up the lemon squeeze and through a very small crevice to reach the top. After we waited very patiently in the extremely narrow cave behind some very excited tourists taking what seemed like hundreds of pictures, we finally reached the top where we looked out at the most amazing view there ever was. It is absolutely breathtaking.

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So, we got to the top and picked out a spot to eat some lunch and enjoy the view. While we were sitting Larissa asked if I would take a picture of her looking out at all the mountains. After I snapped her photo she asked if I wanted the same picture. I said sure and stood on out on the cliff looking at the mountains. All of a sudden, I felt someone tap me and when I turned around I saw Greg on one knee holding a jewelry box!

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For as many times as I have run through this scenario in my head, I could never have been prepared for the real thing. In my head I would be excited but calm and collected and say beautiful things in response to him. In reality I said “Wait, what!” and then “Greggers, you crazy!” Although I do not remember saying it, I definitely believe that that is exactly what happened. Greg asked me to marry him and after I remembered how to speak, I said yes! He was shaking, I was shaking, we couldn’t get the ring on, and it was perfect.

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We are beyond excited to take this step and become each other’s forever. I cannot imagine my life with anyone else and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us. Adventure awaits!

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Special Thanks

Larissa Reynolds
 | Planning/Photographer
Pete Trawinski
 | In charge of the ring