JoAnna and Edwin

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How We Met

In my first year of graduate school and in the thick of the dating scene, I was complaining to a classmate about said dating scene. She began telling me about her then-boyfriend’s friend, Eddie, who she wasn’t sure was “my type” or was even looking for a relationship, but it would be cool to put it out there. I knew there was something about Eddie from the moment she showed me some of his pictures.

Fast forward to that weekend, and Eddie is texting me after she gave him my phone number. We texted for a solid month or two, never able to actually get together because of opposite work schedules, until meeting for the first time in June 2014. It was a simple night of just talking and getting to know one another (and a first kiss, which was wow!), and plans for our official first date on July 5, 2014.

Our first date still stands out so vividly in my mind; I can tell you exactly what I wore, how I wore my hair, how nervous I was handling the chopsticks during our lunch date, and how even more nervous I was that his car’s AC was broken and that my hair would frizz more than it already was. Despite all of that though, there was a certain calmness I felt around Eddie; there was a sense of comfort that isn’t so usual for a first date. That easiness continued with each following date and conversation with Eddie, and all memories of those first few months of “seeing” one another (as Eddie puts it), are just pure happiness and bliss.

A little over two months of dating and talking and falling a lot harder for Eddie than I had originally planned, he introduced me as his girlfriend at a party, and officially asked me to be “his girl” later that night. Best decision either of us has ever made!

how they asked

A few weeks ago, my mom mentioned inviting Eddie’s family over for a Sunday dinner. It wasn’t uncommon, so I didn’t think anything of it and told her to plan it for the end of April (not knowing that I had just set up my engagement date). Come April 29th, Eddie and I leave our apartment and head to my parents’, teasing and bickering with one another just like any other Sunday.

We get upstairs and as my dad is opening the door for us, I see everyone standing there with their phones, with the silliest, most infectious smiles on their faces. I’m pretty sure I drew my last breath then, as I then spotted “JoAnna, Will You Marry Me??” on a banner hanging across the wall. I turned around and looked at Eddie, through teary-blurred eyes already, and he practically had to guide me inside because I was too busy screaming “what is happening?!” Then he got down on one knee, had to double check and ask me “is that a yes?” because again, I’m barely functioning now, and I (finally) managed squealed “yes” through the crying. The crying didn’t stop for a while, and kind of still hasn’t. I. Am. So. Happy.

Proposal Ideas At the bride's parents' house.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At the bride's parents' house.