Thirty One Years After a "Bad" Proposal – This Husband Re-Proposed to His Wife in the Cutest Way.

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How We Met

The year is 1986 I am working at a shoe store in the mall, I notice this really cute redhead working next door. I finally got up the courage to ask her out and thankfully she said yes. Our first date we drank beer and watched baseball, which I found out later that she really didn’t like either one, but she did like me and that was a good thing.

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How They Asked

Things progressed rather quickly and in no time, I knew that she was the girl for me. It was less than two months and out of the blue, I asked her to marry me. No rings, no plans, I just knew that I wanted to be with her forever. She was awfully surprised, but she said yes. We then went ring shopping and started wedding planning, and one year and two days after our first date we were married.

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We went on to have two great kids, first a boy and when he grew up and started playing baseball my wife started liking to watch it, I still couldn’t get her to like beer, next we had a daughter to round out our family.

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This year is our 30th anniversary and my wife and I got new rings for each other. We wanted our daughter to take some pictures of us and some with our new rings, and during the shoot, we were talking about my impromptu proposal years ago. Since I’d never gotten on a knee and properly asked for her hand in marriage, I decided right then and there to drop to one knee and ask like I should have thirty one years ago.

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I was just as lucky that she said yes again, it was also awesome that my daughter was there with her camera taking pictures of us so she could capture the moment.

That was a very special day for us and it’s been a very special thirty one years with the love of my life.

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