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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris

How We Met

He was always the guy who went to parties and was into drinking. So the first time we met we didn’t get along really well because I was the girl who just really wanted to stay home with a cup of tea. It took a while before I finally agreed to go on a date with him, but I’m so glad I did. We hit it off. The connection was there from the moment I said hi! So we started dating and 2 years later we moved in together and I found out I was pregnant. We were shocked but it didn’t take us that long to realize that no matter what happens we were in it together. So when our daughter was born everything went very well. Like a year later we decided we really wanted to have another baby. I always wanted to have two kids who were close by age. I really enjoyed being a mom. I got pregnant really soon and it was a boy! Now 2 years later, we have a family of 4! He said a few times when the time is right I am going to ask you to marry me, I want to save up for a really good ring because that’s what you deserve. So I guess on our 5th anniversary the day was there!

Proposal Ideas Paris

how they asked

He told me he had to work on our 5th anniversary. He already took too many days off so I understood. A few days later my sister asked me to go with her to Paris since I already arranged that the kids would stay at my parents in law that day. I decided that if he’s working late anyway I’ll go with her. So I went with her for like a 5 hour drive to Paris. We made a reservation at a fancy restaurant. So when we came at our hotel we decided to do our make up and outfit. She asked if I wanted to take a picture on the rooftop because from there we could see the Eiffel Tower. As I opened the door to the rooftop. I saw like white rose petals on the ground and a bottle of champagne. I didn’t understand till he walked around the corner and I saw him… And I was like how?! When? Did you get here. He took my hand and asked me: “Do you know why I’m here? Let me show you…” he went down on one knee and I was like O M G HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE!!!!! He grabbed the box and before he opened it I think I already said yes 5 times!!!”

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