Jina and Jerry

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How We Met

To start, I’m originally from Texas, and I left home to go to college in New York– I often spent holidays with family and friends in New Jersey- little did I know that I’d meet the love of my life here as well. We initially met at a sweet 16/Easter party… at that encounter, we said all of two words to each other. It wasn’t until 2 years later when I saw him at a friend’s 21st birthday party, thought he was really cute, tried to make a move by “accidentally” dancing on him, and then felt like a loser after he asked why I was “backing up on him”.

There was just something about Jerry– he was funny, charming, witty, and friendly yet reserved and that had me wondering what the deal was with this guy. Fast forward to a few months later when I got to spend a whole Thanksgiving weekend with him and some other friends and family– this hangout put me head over heels. I was dying to at least become friends with him yet he was playing insanely hard to get– I eventually won his heart over by singing him a few songs over voicemails and clicking on one too many levels.

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how they asked

I was flying in to New Jersey for a bridal shower on Sunday, May 1st, and two weeks prior to when I was coming Jerry had mentioned that there was a work party that Saturday that he was told he needed to attend. He had gone so far as to say he really didn’t want to go, and that he had mentioned to his boss that I would be in town and his boss had told him to bring me along. He made an elaborate story as to why this party was happening and all of our friends and family helped me to really believe I was just going to be his plus one to this work party. The morning of the proposal, he told me that we’d wait a little while before when the party started (at 12 PM) so that everyone would be a little “tipsy” and it would be easier to socialize..

So around 12:30, we walked over from our hotel to a building in the middle of NYC, took the elevator up to the 16th floor, and to my surprise, I walked in to a gallery that was filled with art/pictures/collages that had to do with/were important parts of our relationship and one of my favorite songs “I Choose You” by Andy Grammer playing in the background.

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He had hired a photographer and videographer to capture the whole thing (ugly cries and all).. and as we approached the last set of pictures and art, the event planners texted our family and friends to come on up, and he proposed with all of our loved ones around us.

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He went over and beyond my expectations and I still cry thinking about how much thought, effort, and love he put in for this one day.

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