Jimmy and Coral

Proposal Ideas In front of the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas

How We Met

We met in the Bay Area we worked in the same program together and quickly became the best of friends. I was new to the Bay Area and he had lived here for many years so we would go to different places to eat different cuisines. On a particular evening we finished dinner and took a walk in downtown San Mateo to the central park and we sat on a bench and he asked me to be his girlfriend. After many adventures together and with the blessings of our families we strengthened our relationship and our love story of small town girl meets city boy grew into a hope for a future together.

how they asked

My fiancé flew me out to Vegas for my early birthday celebration and we were walking around the Bellagio trying to have a good view of the dancing fountains. We walked all around until we got to the middle of the Bellagio Resort, we were admiring the view when we hear loud music from a street performer. I thought it was a random street performer because it’s Vegas there are street performers all the time. When they pulled my fiancé to try to dance with them I thought it was funny because he doesn’t like to dance in public, so I decided to record it (that’s why I have my phone out). Ay first I thought it was cute he was trying to follow the dance moves of the street performers, but then they changed the song and put on hats.

All of a sudden the dancing looked choreographed and my fiancé was actually dancing. I began to try to read their hats. One guy had a pink had that read “Will” the other guy had a hat that read “You” and my fiancé’s hat read “Marry Me?” At that moment I realized that he was proposing and I was thrilled and in disbelief that he surprised me.

Our Video

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