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How We Met

Jacob and I started dating the end of my 8th grade and his 9th grade year. I first noticed him from my best friend, Payton. As far as I knew, he was the “hot guy on the block.” She actually lived right down the road from him, so of course one night we had to go chalk his driveway! We both wrote our phone numbers on the driveway too, and Jacob texted me the next day to figure out who it was. We continued to text, and talk for a few months before we officially started dating. Since we lived in a small town, we went to the same school and church together. Every year, we went to prom and homecoming together. We both are now attending the same college where we get to continue to grow and live life together. I love that I am able to say we are high school sweethearts, and in a couple years, college sweethearts! We will have been dating for 6 years in March of 2019, and I’m glad I don’t have to go another year of being his girlfriend.

Jimmie Kate's Proposal in Radar Park in Weatherford, OK

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Jimmie Kate and Jacob's Engagement in Radar Park in Weatherford, OK

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It is my sophomore and his junior year of college. The Friday before classes started, my three roommates and I decided to go take “roommate pictures.” Of course not having a clue (well only me), we all got dressed up. Jacob, my fiancé, was going the take our pictures for us! We got out of the car and Jayla, my roommate, found a cute spot for us to take the pictures. Jayla pointed out this round table with a laptop setting on top of it, and I figured it was just a person’s stuff where they came to relax and get their work done. Beside the table was a piece of paper laying on the ground (it fell off), and Jayla told me to pick it up to see what it was. Of course, I didn’t want to touch someone else’s property but I did it anyways out of curiosity. The piece of paper said, “Press Play.” After reading the paper then looking at the computer, I HONESTLY thought we were about to ruin someone else’s proposal. My roommates then encouraged me to do what the paper said. Then, I sat down and watched a video Jacob had made, and at the end of the video he told me to turn around. Behind me, was my best friend on his knee and other friends he invited to be apart of it.

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