Jimena and Vick

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It was March 4th his birthday and I was running around getting everything ready for his surprise party. I invite some of his close friends/ co-workers and his brothers and sister. He had no idea after we went out to eat together that we were heading to another location where all his friends/ family was waited at to surprise him. The night was going perfect and he was super excited which made me also happy. I got him a cake made and we started to sing happy birthday. A few minutes later he gave a speech and was thanking everyone for coming. He turned to me and said thank you baby and you know I love you right? In my head, I still had no idea what was happening. He started to get on one knee and that’s when I went into shock. I had been wanting this for some time now and I couldn’t believe what was happening.

We traveled the world together. Paris: Nope he didn’t ask me. Nigeria (where he’s from) he took me to meet all his family, but nope he still didn’t ask. We also went to Greece for my birthday/ valentine’s day, Nope he still didn’t ask. He picked the day he knew I wouldn’t think about it. It’s his birthday and that wasn’t even on my mind. How selfless was it to ask me to marry him on his birthday? Also knowing he asked my dad for his blessing means so much to me.

This night was so perfect for me. My sister got to also experience that very special moment for me.He always said he wanted me to be surprised and boy did he do that. When he asked me I remember being so happy the first few seconds I didn’t even look down at the ring. I was just so happy he was asking me. That night he made me the happiest girl on this earth.

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